Welcome to 2017


Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe it’s a new year and another year to begin again.  I know for many this last year was tough with letting go and ending old cycles.  Be brave everyone!  For it is a new beginning in so many ways and all your healing and hard work has created a new world of possibilities this year to explore.  So take a deep breath and get your map ready to explore and shine bright this year!

Blessings to you and all your relations – Raven Many Voices


Messages from Spirit – Mother Mary – A New Beginning

Hello my children,  as you dust off the dirt and debris from last year you may be asking yourself what is next?  This is a great question because you are looking forward into what is next instead of continuing with what already has passed.  We hear the cries from you about what you needed to let go, release and purge in 2016.  Know the universe only takes away what does not serve you to bring a new bounty of healing, love and prosperity.  Everyone falls on their path of Divine and grieves over a stubbed toe, but some how you pick yourselves back up and continue on the path of life.  Now is your time to ask yourself what is next?

To understand what is next you first need to understand what is important to yourself in life.  What are your passions, what do you love and what would you love to fill your day doing?  This can seem like a whirlwind in your heart because many of you are learning to listen to that small still voice and it’s excited to be heard!  This is why the first of the year is a time to slow down, meditate and listen to your heart.  Pose the question, what is important to me and my life right now? each day and think over it for a week or two until you can clearly see what is important.  You may surprise yourself with seeing how simple the answer is.  Maybe you find the time with family and friends important, creating artwork or taking the time to prepare a healthy meal.  Maybe your heart jumps for joy at the idea of a vacation to a warm sunny island or attending a wedding of a friend.  By taking the time to see what your heart is desiring we can then connect our minds to make the appropriate plans to reach our goals.

What if I have no ideas, passions or goals?  Each of us has goals and desires, otherwise we would not get up each day to greet the sunrise.  Often we need to make our goals simple and release the expectations of others of what is right for us.  You can create anything you put your mind and heart to, but if you believe in the limitations of others you will fail even before you begin.  When we feel overwhelmed breaking a part the goal into smaller pieces can help you succeed and keep your motivation to the final goal.  For example if you are excited to go to a tropical island determine what island, how much for airfare and plan your budget.   Your passion to go will help you to save money, decide what you can cut back and persistence to find the best deal.  When you hit a wall of ‘I can’t afford this, I have other things I should do, I don’t deserve this’ this is the time to check into your heart, feel the love there and know you deserve life always.  Life, passions and your goals will change everyday, but the love within your heart will always be the same.

What can you expect in 2017?  A year of infinite possibilities if you are willing to listen to your heart and greet the sun of a new day.  I know you are anxious my loves to try out these new gifts of the heart and to start creating a new day of fun and excitement.  Take this time to rest and finish waving goodbye to last year.  Look forward on your path of life with a smile on your face and a knowing of exciting changes this year of the Fire Phoenix.  This is not a year of destruction, but of new beginnings and what you focus on now will set the course of your path in life for years to come.  Take all the time you need in looking at your passions of life, just start with one and all the others will come at just the right time.  We, all of your spirit guides, walk by your side and I’m holding your hand as we walk together into the rising sun.

Namaste Mother Mary


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