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I offer a variety of services to help you connect with Spirit and your inner soul.  Look below for a listing of private sessions or click the Events page above for a listing of current public classes.  To schedule your appointment click here:




I will be out of the office for the Holidays

December 17th – January 10th 

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Have Questions?  Not sure if this is the right service for you?  This FREE 15 minute Introduction Chat is the perfect time for you to ask your questions about my services and how I can help you reach your goals of healing, exploring spirit and developing your spiritual gifts through my sessions. After your chat you can schedule a regular session that fits your needs and schedule. I look forward to chatting with you by phone soon.

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Spiritual Counseling Sessions     



Open Your Heart and Connect To Who Guides You From the Divine Realms of Love and Light

Spiritual counseling focuses on helping an individual find their own unique path to connecting with Spirit and Divinity. Raven guides you to understand how your mind-body-spirit are interconnected; illuminating where you have created blocks in yourself and giving you the tools to clear your path to divine. By connecting you to your own unique spiritual team (also known as Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors) you will learn how to access this higher wisdom, find new healing techniques and have a better understanding of how you are connected to all of life on Mother Earth. Raven celebrates all world cultures and beliefs focusing the session on your expression to divine and helping you to explore your own relationship to Spirit.    

“Raven’s ability to instantaneously connect with spirit to receive messages and guidance is absolutely brilliant! Her private sessions as well as her classes are full of laughter, joy, and heartfelt connection. Working with Raven has truly been life-changing and more importantly, life-enhancing.” ~Barbara Davies, ND 

Sessions Include:

Connect to your Spirit Guides – Discover who guides you including the Ascended Masters, Angels, Fairies, Dragon, Animal Totems and Ancestors

Energetic Healing – Discover energetic blocks from current patterns/life lessons, past life karma, and releasing the energy of fear to achieve joy

Soul Retrieval – Find your lost soul pieces helping you to feel more complete in the here and now 

Soul Contracts – Re-Balancing of the Mind-Body-Spirit with your soul’s purpose and learning how to re-write our current life stories

Mediumship – Connection to decreased loved one’s for closure and transition

Channeling – Direct messages from Divine Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and more spirit guides to assist you and connect you to this source of love

Ancestral Healing – Allowing you to clear trauma that has been passed throughout family tree

Inner Child Healing – Heal past abuse and unlock your ability to see the spirit world

Ascension Activation – Shifting the old soul template to unlock your spiritual gifts

Inner Soul Counsel – Create a partnership with your Mind, Heart, Emotions and Body

Shadow Side Healing – Discover your Shadow Spirit Guide and release your fear

Primal Side Connection – Bring understanding to your hidden programing by connecting to your Primal energies and balancing energies of your Higher Self


Sessions available – By phone, on-line through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp


60 Minute Spiritual Counseling Session $300.00

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30 Minute Spiritual Counseling Session $150.00

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Mentor Sessions










For those who want an one-on-one healing and mentoring experience I offer a special rate for continuing education sessions.  These sessions are focused on you and your Spirit Guides to create a personal spiritual develop program to help you explore your gifts, discover deeper healing and empower you to heal others. Please contact me to arrange these sessions, a first session at normal rate is required before becoming a mentor student. Mentor sessions need to be scheduled at a minimum every 3 – 6 months.


60 Minute Spiritual Counseling Session $200.00

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30 Minute Spiritual Counseling Session $100.00

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Package Sessions and Special Offers



Loving Kindness

Discover your Spirit Guides – Walking the Medicine Wheel

This is the perfect place to start if you’re asking: Who are my Spirit Guides?  How do I communicate with them?  What are my current issues my Spirit Guides need me to focus my attention on?  In this 30 minute session Raven will walk the medicine wheel and share with you who are your spirit guides, how they help guide you in your life and what current issues they are helping you transform.  This is a great introduction package and can help identify ‘stuck’ areas in your life to heal and evolve.

Wow! I never knew I had so many loving angels and fairies around me.   Knowing their names and how I can talk to them is helping me to know I’m loved and guided daily.  I highly recommend this session, you will get so many of your questions answered fast! ”  ~ Sue

Sessions Include:

Spirit Guides – Identify your current Spirit Guides and how to communicate with these Guides. Spirit Guides can include: angels, dragons, fairies, ancestors, gods/goddesses, star nation, past life guides, totem animals, ascended masters and more.

Current Issues – Receive insight from your Spirit Guides about current events

Medicine Wheel – Learn about the medicine wheel and how it can help you understand yourself and how you interact with life

Discover Deeper Healing – Discover energetic blocks and patterns that are holding you back from enjoying life fully (identifying patterns and blocks only, you may need to schedule a spiritual counseling session for deeper healing)

Sessions available – By phone and on-line by Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp

30 Minute Medicine Wheel – Discover Your Spirit Guides Session $150.00

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“Raven is extremely gifted as a conscious channel, she has the rare ability to see and communicate into many dimensions. Her channeling is vast and brings forth Divine wisdom from Blessed Mother Mary, the Archangels, Jesus, Nature Spirits, Mother Earth and many more. Raven’s channeling and classes over the years have propelled my personal and spiritual growth, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her insightful gifts.”
~ R, Edmonds, WA USA

“I was first introduced to Raven by a good friend shortly after my youngest brother died in 2009; and my whole family in Africa were grieving his sudden departure. Through a Skype consultation with Raven she managed to channel him and bring a message to all of us. We each got a clear message from him that brought us closure, a healing and an understanding why he decided to exit so soon. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for someone who is powerfully intuitive and gifted in her craft. I feel blessed to have met Raven, she has a gift to share with the world.”
~ G, New Zealand

“Through the 10 1/2 years I have been working with Raven I’ve healed the hurting little girl inside me, shared the joys of speaking to the angels and as an old soul it is my safe spot to have an intellectual conversation with someone who understands me.”
~ Jill Everett, WA USA

“First, thank you Raven for guiding me on my journey today that brought me back to the beginning in the truest form. Learning of glimpses of my authentic Soul and what makes me “Me” – now that’s what I’ve been craving to ‘remember’. I’ve had 2 ‘sessions’ with Raven and I’ve already learned lifetimes, literally.”
~ C, New York, NY USA

Legal Disclaimer: I am a minister of spiritual counseling; not a doctor or a registered counselor and do not claim to heal. You should consult with and follow your own doctor’s advice. Clients who are ready, willing and able to move forward with their own healing journey have experienced improvements and increased well-being. Being “ready, willing and able” may very well include consulting with your doctor, and taking prescribed medicines in accordance with your doctor’s advice.  All sessions and information are private and will not be shared unless given permission by the client.  By scheduling an appointment you are responsible for reading this disclaimer and understand your rights as a client.  All payments include my time, spiritual insight and energetic treatments and are due before your session.  Please give 24 hour notice before canceling your session, multiple missed appointments will not be refunded.