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Hello Spirit Family,

Happy Chinese New Year!  May the Fire Rooster and Phoenix bring warmth, love and passion into your life!   This month’s energy and holidays of LOVE is exactly what we all need, so focus on love for everyone around you and especially that reflect in the mirror.

Many blessings to you and all your relations!  Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Divine Mother Mary – Creative Complaints

My Dear Children, I hear you as you speak your daily prayers and ask of your desires, but more often what I hear from humanity is complaints. Now before you feel guilty of all your complaining (because you all do it) know that to be human is to complain. The first soul to be in a body complained it was too small and even your first voice to the world is a cry of why did I have to leave the warm womb? No matter what you call it (venting, bitching, moaning and whining) we need to have this ability to release our stress. Venting out our displeasure of life is like a safety value on a pressure cooker, if we didn’t release this emotional energy it would cause great damage within us. Complaining is a natural part of trying to cope with daily living. We do tend to do a lot of it as humans, and with anything there is always a more loving way to complain.

We complain about everything. If it’s sunny, then it’s too hot and bright for someone else. If the sale has great buys then it’s not enough on sale for someone else. No matter what is presented in life for some it is not enough. Those that choose to complain about not having enough or not having it their way really have a hard time allowing divine will and embracing what is presented before them. Often our complaints revolve around our will and plans verses God’s will and his plan for us. As much as we all would like the world to spin for us, humans all have different needs and timing. Let the Divine handle the timing, then it is more about playing with what you have now then holding your breath for tomorrow. Complaining allows us to see what we are resisting. If you are complaining about things in life ask if you are denying those things from happening. Can you accept the sunny day? Can you be happy with the sale item or are you complaining so that it is easier to walk away from a item you do not need? If we vent we also release what holds us back, illuminating what has us stuck on our progress.

Complaints about others is often a reflections of ourselves. Those around us are the perfect mirror for Divine to help you see you. When we point a finger at someone for their behavior and/or habits there are also three fingers pointing back at you. That means whatever that person does to annoy you, you do three times as much. So be careful before you point that finger. We do not have to agree with others and there choices but we can have respect for their ability to choose. And if we see the part of us in them that we can change then they too can make the choice to live differently. Great change starts within us.

So vent, complain, moan and whine all you want, just know we expect new choices, decisions, and changes from your release. Be creative with you complaining. Emotional releases can be the catalyst you’ve been needing to cause great leaps of progress. And know, no matter what you complain about (even us) we love you all so much. All my love and patience to you today and forever.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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