Spring is in the air!

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Happy Spring everyone!

I heard my first frog of the season today.  Even though we are melting away our last bit of snow with the frog song in the air we know spring is here.  Spring is a powerful time of renewal, hope and new beginnings.  Animals awaken from their winter naps bringing new life into the world and the birds begin their songs of love.  What are you ready to bring into the world today?  Time to start a new project?  It’s time to let go of the past few months and set new goals with this fabulous spring energy.  So hop to it and welcome in the spring air with love in your heart.


Voice from Spirit – Mother Mary ~ Believing in Yourself

My dear children, what do you believe in? We are being asked almost daily what we believe in and if what we believe is the same happening around the world.  Belief is a powerful thing. Believing in one’s healing ability is the difference between recovery and death for some, while belief in one’s own strength can open the doorway to new understanding and accomplishment for others. Belief can change when we allow it. Belief can hinder us at times when we allow it to cloud our heart. And belief gives us our identity to be an individual while living within our human community. So what shapes our beliefs and how can we change those that do not serve us any longer?

First we must understand how beliefs form and from whom do we receive them from. At birth we have a Soul Core Beliefs. Beliefs that we carry from life to life that help us to remember who and what we are in each new life. As we develop our parents and families then layer on Family Beliefs that show us how to live and function within our family and the world. We then make friends through school and childhood that form our Peer Beliefs that help us challenge our Family Beliefs and identify who we want to be. Finally we learn Society Beliefs as we learn to navigate through life in what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ within the community we live in.

Your Soul Beliefs are in the center of your heart with each Family, Peer, and Society Beliefs layering outside of your body. When these beliefs are in sync with one another they allow you to feel one with yourself and the world around you. When these beliefs are in disagreement we feel at odds with that belief layer or even separate from the world. For example if you believe in abundance and grace in all your money matters, but your Family Beliefs taught you to believe you will always be poor and lacking money you’ll find yourself at odds with what you need to believe. We try to change our way of handling money and expenses only to fall back into old beliefs and patterns of spending and thinking. Society can show us to live but only from the agreed on point-of-view. If you decide to live a different lifestyle outside of the normal view we are labeled as ‘weird’ or ‘trouble makers’. Although we love having our beliefs in sync it is when they are challenged do we make great change in ourselves and the world we live in.

To change our beliefs we must first understand where they come from within these layers of beliefs we carry. If we discover we do not like our beliefs in lack and no money in life we can decide to be wealthy in ourselves (Soul Core Beliefs), this then allows us to see what patterns of belief holding us back. Maybe then your Family belief of spending and living conflict with your new belief, or maybe Society’s belief in lack and credit debt coming to mind, you then can make the decision what you want to believe. When we identify the pattern we can choose to continue or change what we believe. Once we’ve decided to change our belief abundance takes over replacing the old Family Belief of lack to diminish until we no longer use these old ways of thinking. The hardest part of changing your beliefs is to first find them, and then understand where you learned them from. Many beliefs blur together making the origin less important and the distinction between your Core Beliefs and everything else the real change.

Who we are and what we believe in is becoming the most important thing a human can do now because as a conscious human in your heart you can decide what your world is tomorrow. When we are in sync with our self we can effect the world around us in amazing and positive ways. We as humans are changing to a more heart centered race with more room in our understanding to allow for tolerance, kindness, and peacefulness with all beings. And this all starts with you understanding what you believe in. We may not believe in everything around us in this world, but we do share this planet together and together we can be love.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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