Golden Time to Manifest Your Dreams






Dragons have been the guardians and gatekeepers of treasures for eons and with this summer solstice of 2019 a new portal of energy was opened onto the planet by the Solar Golden Dragon of Manifestation.  This powerful energy illuminates your soul so you can see what you desire and provides the energy to make changes within your life.  Energy like this can help you manifest your dreams, give you new drive to start new projects (or finish old ones!) and bring to you the unexpected gifts from the universe.

With this super charged energy a new level of awakening is washing across the planet affecting not only humans but nature and unseen spirits as well.  The Dragons and Fairies are busy harnessing this energy to assist with Mother Earth’s cleansing, changing and balancing.  Portals and doorways to magical realms, ancient wisdom and past life memories are available for you to explore and provide healing to your family and communities.   Challenge yourself to reach out to nature and discover new friends within the Fairies, Dragons and Creatures that share your neighborhood.

The Golden Dragon encourages us to:  ‘Open your hearts to new possibilities and remember the light from the sun always shines from your heart.  When we dragons look at you we see that light, for you are treasure and we protect that sacred light.’

To help you with manifesting here is the sacred symbol the Golden Dragon encouraged us to use:








And here is the Dragon Alter that welcomed the Golden Dragon energy on Summer Solstice:








Have fun tapping into this amazing energy this summer and know we will be seeing a return of this intense energy as we approach Winter Solstice in December with the Lunar Moon Dragon!

Dragon Blessings, Raven Many Voices

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