Holiday Blessings


In this time of year of gratitude and blessings I wanted to thank you for reading these posts from spirit and supporting my journey as a voice for spirit.  May the holidays bless you and your family all your long.

Namaste Raven Many Voices


A Voice from Spirit – Mother Mary – Snowflakes

My dear children, as winter brings it’s blessing of falling snow we turn inside to warm our hands and hearts. Snowflakes have long been a symbol of winter, purity, and depending on your age happiness or frustration when we play outside. But snowflakes have a special meaning when we see ourselves reflected in their shape. For each snowflake is unique showing us we are part of a whole community.

Each snowflake forms an amazing crystal that helps it glide down to Earth. Each of you has had experiences that guide to where you are in your journey. Often when we gather with others, or look to those that shine in their profession, we forget how special we are in our own unique gifts. Every one of you was given a gift to add to the community. Some may be leaders, singers, artists, researchers, healers, or activists. While others give time at shelters, pray for those in need, or just smile at strangers to brighten their days. Each one of theses small daily acts is gifts you give onto the world. None is more important than another for all are needed to change the world. Just as all the snowflakes together change your world to a white wonderland.

What gift can you give today to your community? When we give from ourselves we help change the world to a better place. What are your special talents that makes you you? Do you love to cook? Can you sew or knit? Does holiday shopping bring you joy? Then share these gifts with others. Bring your co-workers a treat. Gift a child with toys or a warm hat. Or smile to every driver as you sail home to your family. Remember you are part of this great snow storm that changes everything it touches. Each flake is special.

I love each of you as you dance on the wind. I see in you what makes you special and unique, even if you can’t see that for yourself. So shine bright! And be that special little snowflake so that you can change this world into what you all desire.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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