Walk on the Earth


Voices from Spirit – Channeled message from Grandmother Grizzly Bear through Raven Many Voices

Gather around little bears and bear-like children, it’s time to listen to your Grandma Bear.  We have been watching you, wandering lost in the woods and trying to find your way again.  Thinking you know everything but afraid to really look in all the dark spaces under logs and in caves.  Keeping your eyes closed to what is right in front of you.  Unaware of your Mother Earth because you’ve forgotten how to touch your feet to the flow of the Earth’s love.  Looking behind and forward but forgetting to enjoy the honey of now.  We the beings of the forest see you struggle and again as we did long before come forward to offer help and love.

You left the forest long ago to build your own caves of stone and wood.  But did you really leave the forest?  Or did you just forget yourself?  The forest of the heart is a vast place of spirit, emotion, mind and energy.  A connection place for all, an universal language that leaps walls of form, species or souls.  The forest is part of you no matter where you call home for your Mother Earth binds you all to the forest through her love of you.  Every cell within your body is part of the forest; from the strong bones that form bones or trees, to the tears that flow from eyes or waterfalls and the strong beat of ocean waves or human hearts.  We are all part of this forest so that we can know each other, learn from each other and live as one family.  Separating yourself from this forest is just an illusion and only brings loneliness and misunderstandings.  Are you ready to be part of the forest again?


Welcome back to the forest my little bears, remember who and what you are.  My peoples of the bear clan have always walked hand-in-hand with humans for we are all one family.  We are all from the stars journeying together on this amazing mother planet.  Just as different peoples of different parts of the planet carry old teachings and wisdom so does different beings of the forest.  Bears carry the knowledge of walking wisdom through our feet.  We see the forest though our connection to the planet and her energy.  We can navigate the forest with confidence because we are connected to everything and do not fear what we already know.   This ‘grounding’ as you call it is allowing your mother earth to hold you, carry you and provide for you.  Are you afraid to be here on your planet?  Don’t you want to be cared for and provided for?  Then let your self be still and feel your mother planets’ love.  Take those shoes off and touch stone, grass and dirt.  Play in the forest and remember what it holds in its smells, tastes, sounds and colors.  Allow yourself to be one with the forest.  No matter if your journey is within your heart or hiking on top of a mountain you must open yourself to be part of the woods again.

As you open your eyes see me standing in front of you, your Grandma Bear with my paws open for a hug.  I remember when you once ran with delight through these woods and we welcome you back!  Find your friends, soul partners of fur, feather and fin waiting to share their wisdom.  Allow the trees to sing and the moss to heal your sorrow.  And as you look down on your hands see the paws and claws of the little bear you have always been.  Leave the illusion of the circus of life behind and return to your wild spirit.  Let your heart race forward as you sprint into this forest of love and acceptance.  Feel your thick fur and hide helping you to weather any storm, energy or negative thought.  Stretch your strong claws and dig deeply revealing everything easily from under the surface of consciousness and breaking through all blocks before you.  Walk with calm power though these woods knowing you are under my protection and nothing messes with a mama bear.  With each step feel that spark of life flowing up your feet to your heart.  Every cell remembers it’s alive and is nurtured with lifeforce energy.  Welcome home little bear.

No matter where you live you are part of my forest and we live on the same planet.  We are not just animals but brothers and sisters ready to share if you are ready to listen.  And now that you see your own fur and claws you too know you are part of this forest.  No circus can hold you, so be free and free others to come back to the forest.  Better yet, bring the forest into every corner of your life.  See your home, work and life as part of the forest.  Every grocery store a river of salmon, your internet woven by grandmother spider and the same stars singing their stories to us all by the light of the moon.  I am here my little bears.  Let my strength be your strength.  Let us walk side by side through this forest of life and eat of joyful honey.

All my love little bear, your Grandmother Grizzly Bear

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