Just Do It


Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!


Summer days and warm sunshine is approaching this month with Summer Solstice and summer vacations.  Are you getting enough sunshine?  Be sure to get some natural vitamin D to increase your health and clear away mental fatigue.   Just 10 minutes outside, even on a cloudy day, can revitalize your spirit and increase your energy.  So instead of reaching for that energy bar or coffee just try going outside for some sun!  Enjoy these encouraging words from Mother Mary to help you go boldly outside to play in the sun.

Namaste Raven Many Voices

Virgin Mary Prayer

Voices from Spirit – Mother Mary message of Just Do It!

My Dear Children, life can come at you fast, demanding your time and patience as your desires are fulfilled. You know when to act within your heart but your thoughts can slow you down. This inner knowing is Divine Timing. For Divine has it’s own timing beyond your needs to have it now. As you struggle with your own timing verses Divine timing you lose faith in the process or miss the calling to begin. You become stuck in fear and the ‘what if’s’ of life. When you find yourself spinning in indecision the best course of action is to JUST DO ITMaking a decision is easy. You either say yes or no to what you’d like to do in your life. It is all of your worry, fear, acceptance, and responsibility that clouds your choices. Understanding the difference between choice and worry helps you make smart decisions with less hassle. Know that choice comes from the heart, where as worry comes from fear. Instead of asking yourself if you want something ask does it serve you. For example asked yourself ‘do I want a donut?’ verses ‘does this donut serve me?’ You know the donut may be fast sugar fun, but it does not serve the body for good fuel. This divine question can be asked for any choice in life. Does this relationship serve me? Does this job serve me? Does this credit card serve me? Each time you ask this question you are focusing on your heart instead of the fear within your mind. Often the answer is not what you expected. Although you may not like your job at the moment it serves you by providing money to pay your bills. Once you feel more secure in your abundance you will realize the job does not serve you anymore and you will change jobs.Once you have discovered the truth in your heart about the choices you are making the path is easy to choose. If you know the relationship does not serve you and leaving now would be an excellent choice then divine timing steps in to show you your next step. When you are in the flow of the divine it is always easy. You still need to do your work/lessons but each step of the process can be achieved without struggle. The relationship ends, you have a new place to live and you continue on your new path. You will still need to process the end of a relationship emotionally, but the choice became clear when we listened to your heart.

My Motherly advice to you is just do it. When you spin in indecision you stop your life to entertain your own fears. Fear will only do what it is designed to do. Protect you. So choose not to play with your fear anymore and make the choice to move forward. Fear will always side-step and let you through. You may encounter new fear but in the end you know it serves you only as long as you need to be protected. Love yourself and know when the heart says yes to life the divine will answer with a smile and the path of abundance will open to you. My love to you as we walk together down this road of Divine.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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