Gentleness Needed Here


Voices from Spirit Channeled Message from Mother Earth through Raven Many Voices

Hello my beloved children.  I see you all swimming in the ocean, flying in the air and walking my lands.  Some of you have learned to live within this world and thrive, but I see some of you struggling with life and how to be here on the planet.  It can be a challenge when your home was the stars and physical form was just a dream, but you have been here on this planet for hundreds of life times.  Time to remember how to be here on this world you prayed to be part of.  Discover the gentle ways you came to know and reignite the joy of being in the body.

My human child like many of my star children came from the stars needing a home to experience what it was like to be in the physical.  A partnership we created a millennium ago to create a learning experience and help each other expand our hearts.  Yes my children you have helped me shed this old garb of survival to a planet of love.  As you have grown and changed life time after life time you have brought the unconditional love to seed into my world.  Your brothers and sisters of this planet have guided and cared for you in so many ways.  It is beautiful to watch the light of creation dance through your discoveries, artwork and daily wonders.  The stars still shine through your eyes as your weave love into your physical work; just as I weave elements together to form a plant, stone or creature.  This physical world is but a canvas to explore and create in harmony.

Any artist has blocks or mixes all the colors to create a beautiful mess.  You throw up your arms to the sky and wish to go back to love, color and formlessness.  Or maybe that star heart of yours is lost in wonder traveling the heavens for inspiration and insight.  That is the challenge of this place, to capture the formless and give it form.  To paint with all the colors and try new things.  To make a mess and have fun in the process.  Their is no judgement in what you paint or create but your own mind.  The joy of creation and being.  Have you forgotten how to create?  Do you remember the joy of just being?  What does just breathing in the air and feeling this amazing body feel like right now?  To do this you need to be here in your body, on this planet and most importantly this needs to be done gently.

Gentleness, I think you have forgotten what this means.  I created the largest animal the elephant to walk my land gently on their tip-toes.  Size does not mean harshness; even the smallest mouse knows to be gentle with each blade of grass to collect the morning dew.  Are you forcing your way through life like a tornado or a gentle breeze?  What does gentleness look like to you?  A loving mother’s touch of her new baby,  the soft petals of a flower opening to the morning’s light or the quiet calm breeze blowing over the mountain forest; these are gentle things.  Discover what is gentle in your life, reconnect to the spirit of gentleness and you can know gentleness in your heart.

Why do you need gentleness?  You have forgotten how to be gentle in your need for production, greed and success.  You are suffering when you only need to slow down, find your joy and to be gentle with yourself.  When you are gentle with yourself then you desire to be gentle with your work, play and life.  You live gently on my lands, oceans and air.  You live gently with your other brothers and sisters be it fin, feather, fur or scale.  It is though gentleness you can soften that heart and change from a life of survival to a world of love.  I did it, now it is time you all joined me in love.

Giving you all my love, my crazy beautiful children!  Your Mother Earth

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