Time to Play?


A big thank you for everyone sending prayers and healing rain to us here in western states that have been battling the forest fires all summer.   The smoke is finally clearing over the mountains just in time for Labor Day weekend.  I hope everyone had a great summer as we switch seasons to falling leaves, pumpkins and school buses.  Here’s a message from one of my summer visitors – enjoy :)

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


Message from Tail-Biter Fae Dragon
Can you come out and play?

Many of you only think of us as big scary monsters who guard treasure and kidnap princesses, but that is far from the truth. We Fae Dragons love to play and sing. We help the Fairies change the seasons, protect the children as they explore the world and transform grief into understanding. We think a lot of adults have very sad and confused inner children within them that need healing. We would love to help you all reconnect to your inner child and free the imagination to see our world again.

As a child your vision is clear to see not only this realm but also the other realms of energy. The imagination is a beautiful gift allowing you to explore these realms and understand all that you see. So why would you shut this down we wonder? We see so many adults and teachers tell the children to ‘grow up’ and stop seeing (believing) in us. We wait and wait until curiosity helps open that door again. Some of you reading this have opened that door, or maybe you never closed the door fully. Time to see the mystical lands again and let us sing to you of magic and passion. To remind you there is more to life then work and bills. When you allow that inner child to believe the fog of the ‘real world’ is lifted and you can feel part of your larger family once again. You are not alone in this world but surrounded by many beings of light.

Your inner child is sad because they need playmates. We’re ready, are you? Now is the time to believe again to not only heal yourself but also the connections to your Earth family. Humans have ignored their nature family too long and it’s time to be part of nature and the Earth. Our big mama Earth is changing and asking us to all listen to one another. It’s time we introduced ourselves to each other again because I won’t be the only one to reach out.

Put your fear aside and allow yourself to believe in fairy tales and magical places, because they are here and now. Not all shadows are bad, and not all creatures with horns and fangs want to eat you. So look around you with curious eyes and welcome us into your lives. We promise to bring fun, laughs and magic. Now let’s play dragon and princess, but I want to be the princess first.

Dragon Blessings to you all
Fae Dragon

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