Manifesting Our Dreams

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No matter how you celebrate the season of harvest and honoring our ancestors may it be filled with joy and happiness!  Mother Mary shares some wise words with us this month as we count our blessings from the summer time and review what we want to manifest next.  Remember to include your ancestors in those prayers of healing to help you to create the perfect next step in life.

Namaste Raven Many Voices

Virgin Mary Prayer

Voice from Spirit – Channeled message from Mother Mary ~ Manifesting Our Dreams

Hello my dear children, On this day I’d like to talk of how we manifest our desires in our world around us. Now more then ever has the desires of the heart played out in life so quickly. This need of fast manifestation is wondrous! A prayer or desire from the heart is instantly placed in front of you, with pure intention one’s energy is directed to the purpose one follows.

When we are in unconsciousness or resistance this slows the energy of manifesting. One must be in a place of trust to allow for change. It is just like a child who wants a broken toy fixed by the parent but unwilling to let go. With tears in their eyes they cry for their teddy bear’s eye to be sewn back on, but too afraid to let mom or dad do the sewing. So too you request for change but unwilling to let it go to Divine. We are ever patient as you request again and again, but now we ask you all to let go and allow for whatever form we bring you this prayer in.

Manifesting has two parts: the giving of the intention (prayer) and the receiving of the energy (allowing). The prayer is a focusing and understanding in what you want to manifest. It is allowing a time to become clear and centered with what desires are in the heart. Once you become focused in your desire (change) you then give us this desire to manifest.

The second part of manifesting your desires is to receive and allow it to flow into your life. Once you have attended the feelings and desires of this shift you then let it flow from you into the universe. It is in this matter that manifesting occurs as energy is blended to produce this new experience. As these energies blend they form a new experience not exactly as you may have pictured it. Allowing yourself to receive moves the energy into your life quicker and without resistance.

I would like each of you to pick one thing in your life you’d like to change or manifest now. Be very focused in what you want. Write exactly your desires and purpose for this change. You’ll then pray for this change everyday in the morning with a few words and then let it go to be played out within the day. Be observant but not forceful for this change. Do not be surprised if it is answered within a days time. Above all please be patient with yourself if you reach a place of resistance as this exercise will help you to reveal fear. And my beloveds have fun with your manifesting. Each of you hold the power of creation. It is now time to use it more effectively.

Namaste’ Divine Mother Mary



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  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful, touching & timely message.
    Thank you.
    Sending happiness & gratitude,

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