Vacation for the Mind, Body and Soul


Hello Spiritual Friends!

Thank you for being patient while my webite and blog went through a lot of changes!  There’s now an archive for the Blog on the right to easily go back for your favorite messages from Spirit and look for more videos on You Tube in September.  It’s been a crazy year for many of us as we continue to awaken, expand and release the old resistance.

Taking Mother Mary’s advice from her message below we all deserve a vacation so take some time for a day, a week or however long you can allow yourself to just relax and BE :)

Blessings to you and all your Relations

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices


A Voice from Spirit – Mother Mary ~ Life is a Vacation

My Dear Children, one of my favorite things to give to my children is the answers they seek. I know life can be confusing at times. And when we experience pain or discomfort we question why we choose to have this life experience. I often hear the question ‘why are we here mother?’ Such a good question with lots of answers, but let us focus on why we come into a physical body for a human life. This is a special experience you are feeling and moving through right now, so let’s learn how to enjoy it more.

When we begin to understand we are both spirit and this physical form often we begin to question why we need a body. Coming to the body is a special event. We have emotions, thoughts, and energy in our spirit state, but a body allows for greater connection between all these different perceptions. In this physical form we can feel our emotions. Without a physical body we would not be able to feel these emotions the same way. These feelings is what helps us to explore our world and the experiences we come to learn this life. The intensity of feelings is often what we miss when not in a body. To feel a sneeze in the body is something I often miss. Why? It is a sensation that is unique to being in a body that a spirit state can not share. The feelings can be pleasure or pain, these feelings help us to experience life more intensely which helps us to rapidly grow in spirit.

We come to have a vacation. We all desire to evolve, change, and experience life in all ways. The body is the whole package to express and move through these experiences. What we choose to do with this body is where the fun begins. Just like vacations we plan trips to explore, learn, relax, or reconnect with other people. Coming to the body is no different, we are here in this body as a vacation from our spirit form. We choose how we react, where we play, and whom to play with. Do you travel alone, or choose a group? Where do you travel to? What would you like to learn? Are you happy with the vacation trip you are currently taking? When we view our lives as vacations we can see life as choices rather then set assignments of work.

Vacations are fun! When we see life as fun, we allow life to be fun. Vacations are about what you choose with a little unexpected excitement. We are more loving and flexible to ourselves on vacation then any other time. And even when plans change, and the unexpected event causes us to try something new we can change with the new with ease and grace instead of resistance and pain. Yes, sometimes our vacations can be lessons, and include times and events that are not pleasurable. When we are stuck at the airport of life we must ask is this part of the experience or am I resisting something? And if it is part of the trip don’t allow the one change to ruin the rest of the adventure. We can simply choose a new adventure if you are done with the current ride. Remember, life is about experience, it will continue to expience whatever you are going through until you choose to change vacations.

So my loves, what vacation trip do you choose today? I have my sun hat and glasses and would love to join you where ever you choose to travel to. It matters not where we go, as long as we travel together with joy in our hearts. My love to you all.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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