The Prayer of the Bodhisattva










The Prayer of the Bodhisattva

I bless my body.  On this day I can build anything.   My temple is a source of power for me, I bless my temple.   How beautiful my body is, Father, that You have granted to me.   How beautiful and strong are my hands – to hold the hands of others, to hold their faces to give pleasure, to give pain.  How beautiful is my face – soft and easy to gaze upon – gentle and beautiful.  To please the eyes of God, to please God expressed as human that will only understand peace and joy by gazing upon me, that will be the Shakti.  How beautiful is my voice, it is soft and melodic and sweet and strong and powerful. Carrying with it my Master, and the Master of my Master and the Masters before him.  If You listen carefully, Father, You can hear the voices of all those who have walked this path before me.  They are all carried inside my voice.  How wondrous is my body, with it I know pleasure and joy. How wondrous is my eyesight, I can see forever.  The crispness of the green upon the trees, that forever dance in such a color that I might remember the knowledge of what I am.  And they breathe for me and I can see them breathing.  How wondrous that I can hear the world, let me hear more.   And let the cries of pain turn into the rapture of joy.  For I hear only the highest mantra of God.  How wondrous that I can smell God and taste God, the deliciousness of what it is to be in the body.   Father, today I live only for You.  Be my eyes, be my mouth, my tongue, be my hands, my ears, my hair, my fingers, my odor, my breasts, my penis, my testicles, my vagina, my anus, my feet, my legs, my spine, my belly, my Hara, my Chi.

I give to You my family, Father, do with them what you will, in the Grace of God. I give to You my babies, my Father, do with them what you will.  I give to You my life, my friends, my dreams, my yesterdays.  Today I commit to never lament over what did not occur and did occur, because now it belongs to You.  And should you dream to lament, Father, then you will lament, Father.   Today I can only rejoice. I am only life.  I am consciousness.   I give to you my transcendent, because, there in Your eyes I can see, and in Your transcendent I am Christ.   I have no goals as a human but to serve You, Father, so all that I do will succeed with power because you are served in power.   You are served when joy is born. You are served when laughter occurs.  You are served when insight begins.   Father, You are served when there is peace and harmony – When chaos blends into a great ocean and becomes food for the life that swims there.

How wondrous is Your power, I see nothing terrible.   All who die come to You, I see nothing terrible.  All who live come to You, I see nothing terrible.  All who suffer come to You, I see nothing terrible.  And the burdens of the suffering in my hands, I understand.   How wondrous that You have brought my hands to the suffering, for I can give them peace.  And to their wounds, I can give them insight.   How wondrous that I love God.  Let me know You only when the last ignorant being has been revealed that we are One.  Let me be the last to stand and wipe the tears of the frightened and uplift the hearts of the weary. Let me be endless in my strength.  I see only Your wonder.  I love only God. Therefore, I love only!

Blessed be I, the body I am.  Blessed be I, the soul I am, Blessed be I, the Christus I am. Blessed be I, the Lord God of my being, from which I command now –  for the wind to take the whole of my existence and purge from me what keeps me from You, Father.   And reveal to me what better brings me to You, Father.   I bless the food that will enter my body.  From this day forth it is from Your mouth.And as it enters my body, my body is cleansed and purified.  I anoint myself in the name of God.  Blessed be I the anointed one.  I am truth, I am vision, I am life, I am knowledge, I am love, I am power, I am certainty, I am journey, I am God.  Blessed be I, that in the face of all, I will remember.  There is only God.  My body is strong that I might serve God.  My body is strong that I might greet God, my body is strong.  I am young, I am young, I am power.  My Shakti resonates in the power of my Master and in the power of my Master’s Master and the Masters that came before them.  And the Shakti of my being, the life force of my being, generates such enthusiasm for life that all around me grow and change and uplift and see – and love God.  I am surrounded by those who love God.  I am surrounded by those who love God.  I am surrounded by those who love God.  I am surrounded by those who love God.  I love God.

And when I walk unto the presence of those that cannot remember their love of God, I am surrounded with the awesomeness of the Shakti of my Master.  And such power is my love that I speak no words but their hearts are changed. And then should I speak, I speak their name.  I speak of their Heaven and of their God, for I know only God.

Blessed be the Heavens of every man. Blessed be the Heavens of every woman.   Blessed be the Hells of every man. Blessed be the Hells of every woman.  Blessed be Heaven.

Naram Brahma – OM OM OM

I am humbled and cannot believe You have granted me another day.  My faith in You, Father, that I live another day is that someone must know me today, so that they might know You, Father, Mother.  I am known so that all will know You.  And when the world is quiet and the final rest begins, I pray only, Father, that You remember how much I have loved You.  And in the state of love, I will come home to know that We are One.

So Be It.


This is the daily prayer of a Bodhisattva.  Acquire this prayer and pray it daily.  It will inspire your life.  And the force of my power that I have placed in it will inspire your life.  And when your world is in pain, it will call to you those who will inspire your life.

So Be It

Namaste  Divine Mother Mary




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