Soar Like An Eagle

eagle feathers

Voices from Spirit – Channeled Message from Eagle Man – Let Your Spirit Soar Free

Hello Children of the Earth, I am your brother Eagle Man flying high above the world seeing the tall mountains and the expansive waters of the mighty oceans.  Some may call me Father Sky, Eagle spirit or Grandfather but for now you can call me Eagle Man.  I soar into these words today to bring a new vision with the change of the seasons.  With my keen eyes I see many new pathways opening in the near future for you but, child of the Earth, you need to bring your focus back to the ground and the life you are creating.  Even the birds of the sky have to land on the ground for subsistence from the Mother Earth and rest in the tall tree nations.  With that rest and energy from Mother Earth you too will learn to ride the winds of change and soar free.

Why would an Eagle speak of connecting to the land?  What is sky without the reflection through water?  Or mountains for the clouds to hold and play upon?  What is above is below and your world around you is a perfect canvas to see this relationship.  When you focus on just one side of this relationship you are like a bird with one wing.  Wishing to soar but without power.  Your connection to the sky and the stars sings in your mind giving you ideas, thoughts, fantasies and possibilities.  Your loving Mother Earth provides the material, love, form and community to bring these energies into reality.  From inspiration to form Spirit flows and from form we can release back into inspired energy.  A beautiful dance flowing from one to the other.  Where are you in this dance?  Are you spiraling out into the cosmos looking for answers, inspirations and understandings?  Or are you coming down for a landing to create, form and construct that next step of divine purpose adding your spark of the universe to this current world?  Is it time to come back and manifest your visions?  Are you the change this world has been looking for?  Spread those wings and connect to the trees to survey your life and see where new ideas and power are needed to make a change.  It is only through connecting to your current life and situations that you can make these changes.  And through one small change that ripple can be a wave of change having a larger effect for all beings.

You are a cosmic eagle flying high with your dreams and visions, gathering star dust in your feathers to sprinkle onto the ground to generate a spark of new enthusiasm with everyone you share your story and travels.  Do not diminish your stories, within them are keys of energy that awakens the souls of those that listen.  As you share, and sing your tales, that light illuminates the path before you, helping you to see the vision of this beautiful world.  You have an important part, a light to add, to this new story the children of Earth are writing.  All parts of this tale are so important, you are important!  Trust that light that shines from your heart, remember it daily and share it unconditional.  Like us eagles spread your wings in the morning sunlight and bathe in that glorious warm light of love.

When the wind blows you will soar higher than ever to see a new vision for your life, a new mission to share and passion to create a new future.  Trust that flow from sky to land and from your daily life back to spirit sky.  Use those wings and break out of struggle and stagnation to see your new truth.  I will be flying next to you as we fly together into the sun.  May the winds of change be gentle and the tree be strong and comforting.

Aho!  Eagle Man

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