Don’t Be Afraid of Your Emotions


Happy Summer Solstice!

With summer around the corner and energy building all around you navigating the emotional waters inside yourself can be a little challenging.  No need to fear that deep end of the emotions, Mermaid is here to help guide you inside your emotional sea and learn how to play with those waves of emotions.







Voices from Spirit channeled messages through Raven Many Voices ~ Mermaid – Don’t Be Afraid of Your Emotions

Hello to my beautiful land walkers!  My name is Mara the Mermaid and I’m here to help you swim through your emotions today.  As your amazing Mother Earth swims through the stars we, the peoples of this planet, swim with her and experience each wave of energy and transformation.  Many of your elders have described the planet as a turtle swimming through space and this is how we see this world too!  Mother Earth turtle can swim through the stars and walk through your heart helping everything to find love.

We mermaids love the water and understand how these waves of energy can push, pull and spin you into new directions.  As Mother Earth moves through new waves of light you too feel this energy as it washes over you and your life.  This new year Mother Earth is pushing into a new sea of light and the currents of energy are stirring your emotions more strongly then you may have experienced before.  Emotions and water flow in similar ways.  Just like a wave emotions can come crashing onto your shore, than just a quickly wash back into the sea to start again.  These cosmic energies and emotions are needed to break away the old debris on your shore of the soul and bring to you the new energy to transform your life.  Don’t be afraid of these waves of energy, you are not going to sink!  You are made from the water just like the emotions and if you trust yourself to flow with the tides you’ll navigate your way through each experience.  Emotions are ever changing, each new experience brings new emotions.  You many find yourself remembering the emotions from old experiences, but these have already returned to the sea.  And if you keep experiencing the same emotions again and again, maybe you need to let them go into the water.  Each wave of emotions may seem the same, but they are each unique.  Stop trying to hold those emotions and let them flow from you and back to the sea of life.

This sea of life is cleansing, ever changing and holds many mysteries yet to explore.  As you trust your emotions you will begin to trust the cosmic waves of energy finding it easier to navigate your next step in life.  So make a splash into your emotional sea and learn to trust and play with each wave.  You’ll find us mermaids playing in those waves ready to help you discover new treasures.

Water Blessings Upon You Today!  Mara the Mermaid


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