Release Your Fear

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Today is a new day and life is challenging us to choose love, compassion and trust.  We have a choice each day for harshness or grace.  Although the world is spinning in fear, hate and mistrust you do have a choice if you add your energy to this spinning or release the experience and choose a new way of being. 

Awakening the spirit within us takes a loud alarm clock and it’s ringing in all of our ears right now.  Sorry no snooze button!  We may not like what we see in our government, country or our local communities but we can be the positive change in this world by releasing the fear and standing up for unity, respect and love.  Bless those that are the negative teachers of what not to do.  The old energy of this world is dying away so that a new world can flourish in it’s place.

Life does carry on and I choose to live it fully awakened in love!  Please know you are not alone if this awakening process feels like too much for your soul.  Reach out for help from your spiritual team, friends, family and support assistants around you!  You are loved and part of this beautiful world waking up. 

Namaste Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Mother Mary ~ Release your Fear

My Dear Children today I’d like to look at the current state of the world by helping you release your fear. The act of releasing is essential part of growth and loving one’s self. Without release there is no room for the new possibilities of life. We each manifest release in our own way, but the function is the same. When we are conscious of our fear and the release of this fear, we can in turn live with love and respect to ourselves. When we remain in the doorway of fear and resist this release we find our lives difficult, stressful and for some illness. Let us look at how we each release the fear of our lives, so that we can fly free.

How do we release? The act of releasing is allowing one’s self to be whole in the moment. Any experience in life can be described as catching a ball. You receive this ball, play with it, look at it in great detail, then when you are ready let it go. All experience, both good and bad are released in the same way. Sometimes the process of letting the ball go is difficult. We wonder if we should or wonder where this ball of life could go next. It is difficult for us to see anything else that may come so we believe in holding onto this one ball of life. How can you receive another ball if your hands are already full? Let go. When you release your experiences they merge back into life creating a space within your life for more.

Each person can manifest release in their own unique way. Releasing experience is often felt on all levels of consciousness; mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Releasing within our minds can include the conclusion of worries, thoughts, and images we carry daily. It is the realization of allowing yourself to just be now that stops the mental spinning. Releasing in our bodies can be simple like urination, having the flu, or a headache. The human body is naturally designed to release what it does not need. When it is working in harmony we often take no notice. It is when we are at dis-ease we need to look at what we’re fighting to hold onto and finally release. Emotional release can include mood swings and emotions towards people and events. In understands these emotions and allowing them to surface they can be released so we can move on. Within our spirit\heart we release core beliefs and limitations that no longer hold us. These are often the times in life of great transformation. When we take notice of how we release experience we can then work more consciously with the process from a place of love.

Releasing consciously means to be present at this moment to both let go of the old experience and receive the new experience. When we release it is letting the Divine take it all from you so that all new experience will come. Releasing is trust. Trust in both yourself and Life that more experience will come. Experiencing life my children is why you all came to this human body, so release your fears, your worries, and old experiences. Life will always fill your heart when you open it for more.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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