Green Grass


Happy Earth Day April 22nd

How are you celebrating our Mother Earth this month?  Plant a tree, pick up trash on your daily walk or volunteer at a local animal shelter.  Let’s send our Mother Earth some needed loving this month as we celebrate the end of winter and the new life of Spring.

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Channeled message from Mother Mary – The Grass is Always Green

My beloved children, today we will look at how we control others and how this stops our own lives. Your phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side” is a great example of how you turn your heart and attention away from your own direction. When we live from our own heart we then can truly love and act in the world around us.

Let’s first look at the examples of how we control others. Control can take many forms, but the key is to ask yourself. Who does this serve? Is this for the higher good?’ Often our helpfulness to others is a disguise for the control we like to place on them. We often exercise this habit when we try to ‘fix’ a problem for a friend or loved one. We can also change their emotions to better suit our own. Again ‘cheering up’ a friend although they may need to experience this emotion to learn. Another example is when we spin in anger over another’s actions. Our power and attention is directed toward another instead of learning from the experience and letting go. We can control ourselves to be what we think others want and change others to fit our perceptions. These are just a few ways we control our world.

When we find ourselves controlling another, we can step back and allow God to show us His plan. Let’s look at the example of spinning in another’s actions. This can be a neighbor you are jealous of, or a co-worker actions that annoys you. Each time you are confronted with this person all your thoughts are consumed by what they will do next. You find yourself preparing for a battle and now you’ve stopped your own work to watch them. You are now allowing yourself to be controlled by these emotions and actions. First my loves ask yourself does ‘Does this way of thinking serve me? Look at why this action of another bothers you so much. Why am I jealous? Am I not allowing myself to be loved for my way of expression? Is there a lesson of myself to learn? Now let this spinning in your heart leave. Remembering we each take our own actions.

Bring your attention to your heart center. It is in this place clarity of all experiences can be learned and understood. We can call back our power from those we control and those that control us. Now we can see God’s plan in our lives and how He has a unique way for each of us. In this state we find the grass really is the same on both sides.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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