Here Comes a Thought

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No worries spring is coming soon to a neighborhood near you!  Your need for warmth and sun is not just from outside, but from the need within your heart.  These last few weeks have been rocking your heart with this new energy and creating a focus on your thoughts.  Archangel Michael’s message today can help you to release from those pesky negative thoughts so you can just be open to spring inside and out!

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Voices from Spirit – Archangel Michael – Here Comes a Thought

Take a moment to center on your mind.  What is floating around your thoughts today?  Are you focused on things said to you that caused harm or something that happened where you failed to be your charming self?  All these thoughts seem so important as they dance around your mind.  You lost yourself, fear of what might happen and you lose sight of what is really important. Your thoughts all seem to matter so much as they swarm around you, confusing you and distracting you from your heart.  Ask yourself is this when I walked away from my heart?

Breathe into your heart and remember you are an amazing being of light.  Look at these thoughts and let the wind of Divine blow the swarm away.  And when that thought comes to steal your focus away let your heart hold you as you learn from your experiences.  Let that confusion fade as you accept what happened in life, that situation, that moment in time.  Thoughts can be beautiful.  Thoughts allow the spirit to soar with ideas, creativity and connection.  But thoughts can become negative as we worry about situations out of our control.  We use this beautiful gift of the mind to create images of ‘what if’ and ‘ I should have done that’.  Does this really serve you?  Or does all that over thinking just drain your energy?

You decide what you want to focus on in your mind.  That choice can be love, insight and happiness when you connect with your heart.  You can choose to include your spirit, Divine and all of us (your spirit guides) in this experience called life.  So when you find yourself spinning out of control with your thoughts ask yourself ‘did I walk away from my heart again?’  Focus, connect to your heart and breathe out your worry.  You are light, you are love and you are life expressed in this body.

All my blessings to you!  Archangel Michael

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