Griffin – Guarding your Tongue


Voices from Spirit Channeled Message – Griffin – Guard your Tongue

I watch you from your flags, a statue above the door on your building or a coin in your pocket.  I am ancient, guarding over treasures, people and places around your world.  Some know me as Griffin or Gryphon but you can call me Zephyr.  I am the bright sun, protector of light and vengeance for the universal law of love.  King of the land and master of the sky; combining heaven and earth into power and grace.  I stir from my watchful perch to speak to you today about your treasures and how to guard what is precious.

When I think of treasures you’ve asked me to guard in the past they were gems, jewels and secret scrolls of wisdom.  I’ve protected knights on shields of wood and metal, kings sitting on golden thrones carved with my image and magic potions to change lead to gold.  From zealot leaders to humble beggars me and my kin have come to the aid of those needing protection.  But in this modern world your treasures have changed.  Gems and jewels have given away to electric numbers, wooden shields for secure online accounts and magic potions of industry secrets.  Wisdom still finds its’ way to text and page, but I do miss the smell of old papyrus.

Guarding treasure is more then just watching for those that would steal, it is a knowing when to act and when to watch.  To protect not only who would break into a vault but what would escape to cause harm onto the world.  Griffins have often guarded humans keeping them safe from the jealous but also from themselves.  I am often amused by what you consider precious.  A gold ring, a piece of paper with human laws or a scrap of cloth long forgotten by its’ owner.  Have you considered the wisdom and experience of your words?  Knowledge, ponderings and understandings, inspired by Divine and given form by human hands is treasure.  This is why my kin have guarded humans, so that their wisdom may be kept safe and pasted to those who cherish these understandings.  But not all words are from Divine and these poems can come from loathing, pain and hatred.  Often this guarding was to keep the wandering tongue from escaping the cave of the mouth and let loose words that would cause harm and despair.  This is why I lift my head to speak, I believe you have forgotten how to guard your tongue and throw words around like the plastic floating in the sea.  When will your judging words and slanderous phrases crash over you like a wave drowning wisdom into the deep oblivion?  You jeer at your social media but the despair and hatred comes from unguarded tongues and impulsive ramblings.  Have you listened to your language, to your ramblings in texts or mumbled curses?  Do you share wisdom or add to the wave of confusion?

Be still human, your mind wanders to the past, for you all have let loose those demons that speak ill of others.  Forgive yourself, and know that sometimes what was thought as trouble was a blessing in disguise.  And for those who have received your tongue lashing may they reflect on their own missed words to forgive you and themselves.  Words can hurt more then a hand, weapon or stone but to hold these festering words it can poison from within causing pain to yourself as well.  To know wisdom from folly in your words you need a guard that allows only the wisdom to flow and keeps the mental ponderings secure in its cage.  Protect your treasures of precious wisdom to share only with those open to receive such a gem of truth.  We Griffins have a big job in this guarding of your tongue, but we are ready to keep harshness contained so that kindness can flourish once again.  A civil tongue doesn’t need to be forgotten instead we can find your words together so that truth and expression blend into a worthy experience.

So how about it human?  Are you ready to give me a perch on your shoulder so that I can protect your world and the world within you trying to escape?  Are you ready to speak with confidence, sharing your heart and being heard by those ready to receive the wisdom you hold?  My wings are all a flutter!  Yes!  I will come with my brothers and sisters to protect what we love, you my precious gift of Divine.

Your Humbled Servant of Light, Zephyr the Gryphon

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