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Happy Spring Everyone!  Can you feel the shift of the seasons?  Spring always makes me celebrate new life, new beginnings and the return of sunny days (we get a lot of grey rainy days here in Seattle Washington).  It seems this cold, grey and reflective winter has been continuing forever so I’m welcoming the new energy like a flower welcomes the sun.


We all need the warm of the sun to remind us why we wake up each morning.  Remember the light within you so you can shine that light into the world!  Many people say the world is a dark place right now, but in my humble opinion maybe they forgot to turn on their inner light 😉  Keep shining bright my spirit friends!

Namaste Raven Many Voices

Mother Earth

Voice from Spirit – Mother Earth – Awaken my Child

My beautiful children, it is time to wake up and celebrate this world you share with your brothers and sisters.  You humans are my wild children, so feisty and fierce, trying to remember where you came from and look ahead to where you’re going.  I remember when you came from the stars, so excited to come to my garden.  To play, to learn and to grow you have discovered how wonderful to be in a body can be.  Your brothers and sisters of nature helped you to stay warm, build shelters and heal your bodies.  You may have forgotten how you used to play and sing together with the trees, animals and plants but they still sing to you.  It is time all my children played nicely with each other again.

But Mother how do we connect with you and nature you ask?  Just listen my loves!  You say your lives are too busy, busy like a bee.  So funny my children, even a bee stops to smell the flowers, connect with friends and drink the sweetness of life.  To connect with life you need to stop and be in life.  Your beautiful minds spin you here and there, from your past to what may be in your future.  What is right in front of you this moment?  What do you see outside your window?  Lift your head from your screen and look around right now.  Who is trying to get your attention?  A robin singing outside, a cat at your side or a house plant thirsty for some love and water?  When we stop our daily routines and slow down for just a moment we can allow the song of nature to fill our hearts.

You are always connected to my heart beat.  All life on my planet is connected to this beat.  When you play the drum, listen to music or even hear your own beating heart you connect with life.  This music connects you to all of your brothers and sisters through love.  It is the universal song that connects me with my brother and sister planets.  You can feel this beat, this song in everything by quieting the mind.  Yes my children, you talk too much!  Try to be in nature for a walk without your words, instead let nature sing to you.  Listen to who is saying hello and invite the woods to accompany you along the trail.  By reconnecting to nature you remember what it is to be you in this moment.  Time and stress melts away when you remember to celebrate the here and now through your hearts.

I love you my children of my planet, it is time to find your place along side in nature.  You are not above nature, but a part of this family and your siblings have much to share if you are willing to listen today.

Blessings to you my beautiful children, your Mother Earth

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