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Welcome warmer weather and May flowers!  For many of us we have been jumping through hoops to create the next step in life and release the old self.  Whew!  That can be hard work and my hope for all of you recreating yourself is that you remember to not take it personally that life is not happening the way you desire.  It can be easy to get frustrated with Divine when our plan is not happening quick enough, this is why the angels say we are on plan A and Divine is on plan B.  Mother Mary’s words on not taking life personally can help you stay focused on your path and allow everyone around you to find their own way in life.  Keep up the good work sweeties and trust everything will happen in Divine time!  Blessings Raven Many Voices



Voice from Spirit – Mother Mary – Nothing Personal

My Dear Children, today I’d like to talk about taking life to personal. When we begin to understand the need and power in being focused on our own lives, sometimes our ego and fear is released around what others may think of us. All of your energy and intention flows from heart out to life around you. When fear jumps into this flow it allows us to make judgments and to be judged. Our intention then switches from heart center to mind. Now we begin looking for any hidden meanings in what people say, secret agendas in what people do, and all daily events happen because of you. Life happens because that is what is does. Flowers grow because that is what a flower wants to do. The sun shines because it does. And people do, say and act because they choose to. When we ponder about how our actions and words are received by another, we again leave our own lives and allow fear of acceptance to sweep us away.

How can I know when I’m taking life too personal? When situations arise and you question your intentions, remember the only person to be accepted is yourself. All decisions are your decisions. And the same is true of anyone. Friends, family, co-workers, and such will make their own decisions regardless of how you believe them to feel about you. When we place expectations on people to act a certain way we become detached from our hearts. We then believe all actions or words are based on our thoughts or energy. The energy of expectation and assumption is the base of taking life too personal. We can only be ourselves. Coming from your heart and speaking from your inner knowing is like a gift you can not return. It is you and there needs to be no worry or regrets of how it was received.


Your personal belief about self and the love and power that lives within is much like a turtle. Safety comes from knowing you can be yourself, accept yourself, and live in that knowing. This shell then reflects our brilliant soul and interacts with the world. When we are caught up in worry of acceptance, fear of judgment, and believing troubles happen because of our energy, this beautiful turtle shell bites back. Anytime we are detached from our hearts we close off from life. So pull your worrying mind back to your heart and remember to love thy self. Allow everyone to live their own lives, as they will then allow you to live yours. And life will just flow as it should. All my love dear ones.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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