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Trust Us!  Our spirit guides often ask us to trust them but what does this really mean?

We’ve all been in that stressful place when we reach out in meditation and prayer and hear those powerful words ‘trust us’ from our spiritual teams.  But what does this really mean?  Having heard this answer from my guides for the hundredth time I said out loud ‘yes, I know I need to trust you!’.  Mother Mary then stopped me and added ‘go write down the word trust my dear and look at what is in the middle’.  walking back up the hill from the medicine wheel I wrote down the word:


Circling the middle letters in the word trust you can see US.  Is this the answer I asked?  I need to trust Divine more?  Then I looked again and noticed at the very middle of the word trust is the letter U.  And like a lightning bolt it struck me!  I needed to trust myself!  We need to trust the universe to bring us all we desire in life, but without our own trust in ourselves we would never walk out that front door into new life and new adventures.  So now as I walk my prayers around the medicine wheel I include myself, thanking that important team member that carries me through life, into new challenges and has a powerful voice in all my decisions…!

With Summer Solstice behind us now we can feel the energies changing yet again.  There’s a lot of unknown before us as we all continue down the path of life.  Trust becomes a daily mantra and can help you stay focused even if the old patterns of fear and doubt try to crash your party.  Enjoy this month’s channeled message from Mother Mary about trust and practice your trust daily.   You can be sure those spiritual teams around you have wise words if you stop and write them down.

Blessings to you and all you are!

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices

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Trust in Yourself ~ Channeled message from Mother Mary 7/1/2013

My Dear Children, with so much doubt in your daily lives, how can you hope to trust elected officials when you can not even trust yourselves? Trust is the base of any relationship. When you trust another you can open your heart and grow rapidly with love and respect. Unfortunately many of us want to trust in everyone, and we often find our trust betrayed and feelings hurt. As we repeat our cycle of trust and hurt, we soon begin to not believe or trust ourselves. This doubt of self and loss of inner knowing is from not respecting our “gut feelings” or heart song. To gain trust from others, and to hear clearly what your heart speaks you need to trust your thoughts and actions.

Often we find ourselves faced with a decision where our minds try to convince us it’s for the best, but our hearts warn us to stop. As we plow forward in our rush to be done, plans become difficult, people turn on us, and once what was to be simple is something long and drawn out. What went wrong? It started the day you decided to not follow your heart. Unlike your rigid mind, which is contained by limits and conditions, your heart is free to experience life from a loving, all knowing point of view. Your heart knows all truth, for it is the seat of your soul and your connection to Divine. Your heart can only speak truth if you’re willing to listen. When faced with decision we must stop and ask our hearts ‘what is the best course of action that is loving for me and my circumstances?’

To have trust in ourselves we must practice it daily. Trust, love, faith, forgiveness, and compassion are all concepts that are fullfilled by action. It is in our daily acts that those around us will know our inner being and soul. You can not simple wish for trust in your life, you must practice with every thought, action, and decision made. In trusting your own plans you gain wisdom and trust in your own timing and completion of goals. Power comes by knowing you are powerful and trusting yourself with that power.

Power is a place we all find within ourselves that allows us to push forward into new ideas and understandings thought beyond our reach. Power comes from a place of determination when we are faced with a difficulty so great that only by trusting ourselves and all the Higher Powers in heaven can we find our way once again. So trust yourself and allow all your love to flow in life. Trust that the branch under you will support your weight as you climb up the tree of life.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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