Summer Solstice and Sun

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo by Mark Neumann – my Husband :)

Summer solstice is almost here and half of the year is almost done.  As we celebrate the return of the sun here in the north (and your time of winter in the south part of the world) we can look back at what all has happened since December 2012.  Has your life changed?  Have you noticed everything happening quicker than before?   Noticing new opportunities and new unexpected discoveries?  If life seems just as suck and difficult as before it is definitely time to ask for help!  There is so much amazing energy available to us all to change our lives and serve our communities!

Asking for help is so powerful!   For many of us we forget to ask others for assistance or feel we have failed if we do not complete it by ourselves.  I often tell my son: think how different the Harry Potter books would have been if Harry would have just asked for help from an adult?  We do not have to suffer alone!  Asking for help often empowers those around you that you have been helping.  Many of you reading this are loving care-givers and healers; even if you don’t see it – you’re still a healing angel to those you see every day!  When others try to offer help back we often side-step the help or refuse it all together thinking it would be too much for them.  This pattern leaves the circle of give and receive incomplete and our friends feel bad that they cannot help us.  When we allow our friends, family or even a stranger to help us we receive the love we need in the moment and so does the giver of help.  The circle of give and receive is complete. 

So next time you find yourself overwhelmed, stuck and lost in problems it’s time to ask for help.  You can start with your spirit guides because they are always standing right next to you ready to begin the flow of love.

Blessings to you and all your Relations*

 ~ *Relations are our Angels, Ancestors, Fairies, Dragons, Masters, Gods and Goddesses and so many more!


Raven Many Voices


Loving Ourselves by Loving Our Food

Channeled message from Mother Mary 6/1/2013

My Dear Children, today let us talk about the food we consume. Such choices you have now compared to my village. Your world has become connected not only by your internet but also through the cuisine you can find walking through town. From all around your planet food, cultures and life can be experienced through your taste buds. Food is a celebration, a gift, a blessing from your Mother the Earth. Each day we try to connect to Spirit through prayer and meditation but let us not forget to enjoy life through the blessings of our food.

Let each morsel of food that enters our bodies be from God’s table, so that our bodies are cleansed and purified. So what would be on God’s table? Twinkies? Gas station $1.00 burrito? Mc Whopper? Or organic veggies, mom’s chocolate chip cookies, and a home cooked meal? What makes the food we eat good or bad? Each of us determines what is perfect for our bodies to eat. Some need meat, some do not. Some people need raw vegetables from the garden, and others need them cooked into a stew. No one way is perfect for all because we are all different in our needs and how our bodies function. What is important is to listen to your body for what it needs. When we become disconnected from ourselves we forget to eat or grab what is quick or less in-tune with what our bodies’ desire. Quick meals, with no thought, lead to unhappy bodies and un-digested food. When we let our hearts choose the food we consume we allow God to join our meals and eating becomes less about refueling and more about loving what you’re eating.

Why does a meal prepared by someone we love taste so comforting compared to fast food? Even if the person preparing that food is yourself this meal is created with intention, focus and love. The thoughts and love being poured over the food becomes another ingredient. Food is life, so eat what fills you with passion, excitement, and wonder. Try cooking food with gratitude, love and passion and notice how others respond. When we think less of life or ourselves it is easy to side step food that loves us. When we eat of food prepared by someone in pain, fear, and frustration we include this energy into our collective self. Yes, you are what you eat. So what energy do you want to be? We soon find ourselves wanting more loving food, natural food, and meals prepared by those that love what they do. And when you choose foods prepared by a restaurant try small family run places that bring their love of life through their food. By eating food prepared by consciousness we can truly find our comfort food.

We are challenged more now than ever to question not only who is preparing our food but also who and how our food is grown.  When we, as a community of humans, allow others of less intention and unconsciousness to choose chemicals and unnatural ways to increase profit we are part of the problem.  As we watch the insects die from the chemicals and toxins we too are suffering and consuming these toxins.  We truly become what we eat.  And as we rally to change these companies let us not forget to look at ourselves.  It was from our own disconnected hearts that allowed the toxins and genetic plants to happen in the first place.  As consumers you have the power to choose natural, consciously prepared and Eco-friendly grown products.  And can choose to support your local farmers at the weekend markets or take a trip to a farm to buy fruits and veggies and see how these beautiful foods are created.

I challenge you today to eat with me. Let us look at what you eat and decide if it’s from God’s table. Is this meal what your body needs to be full of life or full of gas? Try to bring love into your meals, even if you do not know the intention of who prepared the food you can ask Spirit to bless your food so it rejuvenates your body. Look at food as a gift from Mother Earth and thank her for each meal. With love and gratitude food becomes life, and life will become filled with love and gratitude. Bon Apatite

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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