Time to Wake Up!


Wow this year is flying by!  I know that I’m not alone in feeling strange like everything is changing, crazy dreams and intense energy coursing through my like wild ferrets.  Having my third sleepness night with visions and hot flashes I’d had enough and asked Archangel Michael to explain what is happening to us all on the planet.  So enjoy the insight everyone because it’s a wild ride but knowing it has a purpose makes the journey a little more enjoyable.  Blessings to you, your transformation and all your relations changing too!

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices



Voices from Spirit: Archangel Michael – Wake Up!

Channeled message from Raven Many Voices February 5, 2015

Hello my beloved Earth Angels,
Can you hear it? A tone in your ear, a vibration running through you like an electric circuit or a feeling like something is happening but you can’t quite figure it out? The Awakening is happening to your Mother Earth and all life on your precious mother planet is changing with her. This powerful time is bringing new experiences rapidly into your life and I know at times this can be beautiful and frightening. We are here my loves, your family of Angels. And as a family we are changing with you, transforming and reminding you to take your true form – An Earth Angel. Let us help you navigate this transformation and put your fears to rest as you reclaim your birth right.

Awakening does not mean you are leaving the planet, but instead you are becoming aware of the larger spiritual being you are. You are not just this meat and bone of the body or the one life time. You are a spiritual being of light, love and timelessness. Your consciousness reaches back through time and space to before creation and beyond this dimension to realms of only colors and expression. You are as big as the cosmos itself experiencing the wonder and passion through a physical conduit called a body. For many of you this is not your first rodeo on Earth and through the experiences you have forgotten where you came from. You have forgotten the bigger part of your energy that courses through you now for reconnection.
The bigger part of you is tired of being ignored; it’s time to wake up!

An awakening is this reconnection to your higher self and the integration of those higher frequencies into your physical form. Before your Mother Earth shifted her energy it was believed you would need to leave your physical form to obtain access to this higher consciousness. Part of your agreement to experience the physical life here on Gaia was to become conduits of love and light bringing Heaven to Earth. Your chakra system as you know it is directly connected to your spiritual higher self and the cosmos bringing that energy through you into Gaia. Your loving planet has taken all you have given her and transformed into a new being of love. Just as you are experiencing levels of clearing and release from the past so is your Mother Earth detoxifying, clearing and transforming. Mother Earth is bringing her Gaia self (the higher energetic self of Mother Earth) onto the planet raising her vibration and all beings who live on her to a new level of consciousness.

So what does this mean for you? What one experiences, all will experience. These last few years of energetic shifts, clearing, and sudden changes are shared by not just the planet and humans but all forms of life on the planet. Your trees, stones, animals and fish are changing too. How do you know if you are awakening you ask? You all are awakening! The more aware, present and conscious you are of the world around you, you will notice changes within yourself and your environment. What are these changes you ask?

  • Cravings for change in all parts of your life including shifting your relationships, family dynamics, jobs, living spaces and friendships resulting in wanting to be alone or form whole new relationships with existing groups or creating a new group
  • Empathic gifts become more noticeable or feel like they’ve return from an earlier age
  • Sensitivity to your environment including food, light, noise, smells, allergies, hot or cold flashes and vibrations from cities and construction become overwhelming causing you to change old behaviors and seek new ways of cooking and living daily
  • Physical shifts and detoxification involving intense periods of flu-like weakness, fatigue, sleeplessness or heavy sleeping, digestion problems, weight gain or loss, dizziness and pain as your body releases from not just this life but from all lifetimes of accumulated karmic baggage, ancestral healing of the DNA and a rewiring of all your dimensional energies
  • Desire for self review and connection to your Mother Earth and also your Higher Self
  • Feeling like you are spacey, time flies by or your thoughts wonder to other places and events which you forget instantly as you bounce back and forth between your Higher Self and physical self until the rewiring allows for a even flow (some call this higher self energy the 4th and 5th dimension energy/planes)
  • A desire to connect to all life around you as you feel and experience the presence of the spiritual guides, angels and ancestors around you daily

You are not alone in this awakening my Earth Angels! Reach out to those that will listen so you can share your concerns, hear from others that the pain and fear will pass and rejoice in this new found connection to your world. We admire you humans for you are bringing the heavens of love, light and cosmic creation into the physical form. Know what you do today to change, transform and release from the old assists all beings on this planet. There must be a mass release to receive fully the new consciousness of compassion and insight available now. So give us the Angels of light your doubts, your pain and your resistance so that you can awaken now and remember who you have always been, an Angel of loving light.

All My Love
Archangel Michael

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