Gratitude for Support

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Whew!  February has been a tricky month with the change of energies, moon cycles and Chinese New Year.
If you’re having a hard time this month, feel like the critical mind/ego is out of control or a little disconnected to your spiritual team – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
With our new co-creation energy taking root into this planet we are being asked to do our part in connecting to our Higher self and spirit guides.  So tell your doubtful mind/ego to chill out, reassure yourself you have not done anything wrong and remember your spirit guides are right next to you as always.

Mother Mary reminds us this month to reach out to our friends and family for help and give them gratitude for all they do for us.  When we are processing and feeling stuck in life, it’s our friends and family that help us to get it out and make sense of the crazy thoughts in our heads.  These are the brave souls that hold space, listen kindly until the early morning hours and know just what to say to make us laugh.  I have so much gratitude for my friends and family that have listened to me cry and rant over the years.  It’s this amazing support that helped me flourish into the soul I am today.  So reach out today for help or even better be that support someone needs today so they can do the same for you.

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


A Voice from Spirit – Channeled Message from Mother Mary – Gratitude for Support

My Dear Children, when we are faced with difficulty we will often reach out for help. In this vulnerable state we shed our smiles and masks we wear and become the true beings within our souls. Sometimes this process brings to light all the things we do not want to share. The hurt child, the angry spouse, or the fragile emotional being we ignore. When we reveal this side we feel crazy, scared and weak. We often feel guilty for torturing those that helped us and seek to ask for forgiveness. Instead we should thank them for allowing us to process and to be our loving selves. True friends allow us to be bright shining souls no matter how we express our journey in life.

There is a time for everything, and at times we need to forgive ourselves and others for their part in our experiences. When we explode with emotions we often feel like we’ve dumped onto those we love. Yes forgiveness of your own process is important, but more importantly honoring your process in best. Gratitude for yourself to release and grow is so important! Gratitude acknowledges the journey to create what you have right now in the moment. And even if life is crazy this moment, know it will change again in the next moment. Gratitude opens ourselves to move forward to the next step, the next breath, the next moment of love.

Gratitude for others helping you in this process honors them and their ability to see you in your true self and love you deeply. When we reveal our emotions we show others they can do the same. Thanking them allows them to see your love and that you’ll support them if they too choose to process their own journey. In Life we must learn acceptance, love, forgiveness, and gratitude. When we can allow these energies to flow in our lives we become the compassionate beings we desire. My love and gratitude to you my children.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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