I Choose Love

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Happy Spring!

The frogs are singing and welcoming the soft rains of cleansing and transformation.  March was a crazy mix of releasing our old patterns, fears and self-doubts mixed with the expansion energy of new possibilities, love and completion.  What a roller coaster!  April brings a much needed break to catch our breath and breathe in deeply of love.  Be sure to focus now on loving your next step even if you don’t know exactly what that is.  Your Spirit Guides are asking you to trust not only them, but yourself – you know what you need in life if you can listen to your heart.  Mother Mary’s words this month help us to end the battle of punishment and harshness to instead find our strength in love.  A big hug of love to all of you!

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices


A Voice from Spirit – Channeled Message from Mother Mary – Choosing Love

My Dear Children, today let us talk about something we all desire but have great difficulty achieving…Love. In all the things we hope for these days, it is the energy of Love we crave more than any diamond, more than any sports car or even the largest paycheck. Love is infused in all we do, say and give to another or ourselves. Love is what constructed and nurtured this world. So if love is around us and in us why do we resist receiving it? True love is unconditional, limitless, and complete. To have something for free and without a struggle is very difficult for many to accept. Allowing your selves to love and be loved is the one gift I freely give to each of you.

Why do we fight? Many of us have been taught by family, society, and peers that to get what you desire you must fight and struggle to receive it. Nothing comes easy and life is based on the battles won. Who do we fight when we struggle? It is always ourselves who we battle. The antagonistic self who tells us nothing can be that easy, nothing is for free, and love comes with a price. When our belief system is based on this fear and the battle of self, life is a struggle. When we turn away from our own battles and allow ourselves to be loved, we win. Life can seem difficult when we have no other view point. But when we allow for love life reveals opportunities that harshness and struggle hide.  Our heart opens the door for infinite possibilities when we choose to love ourselves and others.  What was impossible because of the self criticism voice ‘I don’t deserve this’ is replaced with ‘I love myself to allow this opportunity for love’.  Blocks and harshness dissolve away when we choose to love ourselves and life around us.

I ask you to allow yourself to love and be loved. At this time on your planet your own Mother Earth is transforming into the Mother of Love.  Now is the time to plant the seeds of love into your life and transform your heart and your reality.   Small acts of love equal a large shift of love in your life.  Give a flower to a friend or neighbor, compliment a co-worker or call up a family member to share your love.   Receive a warm smile from a stranger and feel their love within, stand in the sunshine and feel the warmth from Divine or just feel your spirit guides surrounding you with love and light. With each act of love you give yourself permission to receive all love in life. Now struggles and desires for the coming year can be done with less stress and punishment.

I give each of you all my love. Open yourself to receive all you can. And let this love flow to all your life, all your family, and all your dreams.

Love is around you.

Love is within you.

Love is you.

You are LOVE.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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  1. Stevie says:

    It’s great to find soemnoe so on the ball

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