Hello Spirit Friends,

March is here and the energy is wild like the weather.  When life feels like a rollercoaster comfort is so important.  When we relax, hug a friend and wear our comfy clothes we allow ourselves to integrate the current events.  With all the sudden shifts in energy, deep soul cleansing release and  alignment to our new bodies we need a pajama day.  Read below for Mother Mary’s comforting words and know your not alone in this crazy world :)

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


My dear children, have you ever noticed how nice we are to ourselves when we wear pajamas all day? When we surround ourselves with comfort we allow comfort to be felt within us. Feeling warm and safe is a primal need we all have. Happy memories of snuggling with mother or father on rainy afternoons watching TV often brings a smile to our faces. So why not allow yourself to snuggle in comfort now? Relaxing in our favorite sleep wear can bring much needed joy to a long work week.

Pleasure comes to us when we allow our lives to be easier and more joyful. By choosing a comfortable environment to play in we can then find the pleasure we’re seeking. When we change from our everyday work clothes to the comfy clothes we wear just for ourselves our whole attitude changes. Stress melts away, a slower pace is found, and we can find time to just relax. These ritual clothes of relaxation are a subconscious trigger to bring you back to center and start healing the self.

My challenge to you is devote a day to your pajamas. Relax. Read that book you’ve wanted to start. Watch TV with your family. And find the pleasure of being comfortable with you. By relaxing today you’ll have energy and passion for tomorrow.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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    I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it’s free? Awesome!

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