Get Ready, Get Set, Change


Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a blessed Fall Equinox (Spring Equinox for all you Southern Hemisphere folks) and took a moment to count your blessings of a good harvest.  Here in Seattle, Washington we have a short growing season so every tomato and squash we grow before the rain mildews everything is cause to be grateful!  Fall Equinox falls on the West of the medicine wheel and reminds us to cleanse away those things that hold us back from expressing our spirit gifts to serve the community.  Harvesting your food is good, but sharing your crop with friends is way more fun.  What have you discovered this year?  Are you ready to share with friends and family?  Do you need to throw out the rotten fruit and plant new beginnings?  Use this Fall energy to wash away the dirt and go celebrate your community with your basket full of ideas and love.

Namaste Raven Many Voices


Voice from Spirit – The Baron Samedi – Rattle Them Bones

Hello my lovely souls, I’ve come over from the graveyard for a visit to help you look at these skeletons your hiding in your closets, cause they are shaking their bones wanting to talk.  Now I may look like death, but I’m just a servant.  A servant with style from my hometown of New Orleans.  We celebrate death a little different then most of you cause we know it is a party.  This life can be a crazy ride and when you meet that finish line of death there’s the biggest party ever waiting for you to celebrate your completion.   But I’m not here to talk about the end, I’m here to chat about your world right now.  You always think about the big death at the end of that life race, but it’s the little deaths of change that can get your knickers in a knot.  I’m talking about the call for change on your planet right now.  Many of you are not happy with what is happening to your government, schools, countries and communities.  You were not the only ones who called for change.  The graveyard is full of those that came before you demanding the world change.  Big voices like Martian Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Joan of Arc, and John Lennon.  And those voices not so big to be remembered by most but just as important like; your second grade teacher, your old neighbor down the street, and crazy uncle you only saw during holidays.  They may be all dust in the ground but their spirit still lives on in your hearts and give you fire to make the changes you want to see.

You see all this around you right now, it’s from the hard work of those that came before you.  They stood up for rights that were not even a thought on people’s minds.  They rallied the people to create change so we can make more changes now.  It’s like a wave that keeps going through every generation into the next after you.  Now the question you should be asking yourself if you’re feeling this wave of change is what can I add to this change?  We (the dead) can hear you all crying for things to change, but just in case your mama didn’t tell you whining doesn’t get you anything in this world; you have to stand up and do it.  Now some of these changes are big, some of the rights and freedoms those before you fought for are continuing on this day.  It doesn’t mean nothing changes, it just may be the right time to create the next step.  If enough people add their voices to a shout it can be deafening.  Your voices are being heard and not just from those you want to change, but from all of us that rallied the people before.

We (the dead) are here to help you if you ask and pray for our help.  You need help changing the school then gather like minded people and know that old teacher that believed in you to make changes will stand by your side in spirit.  You want to bring the government back to balance then ask Abraham Lincoln to give you a speech that will stir up your local city hall.   When you light that fire of change within you your bones start to shake.  It’s a call to those that called for that change before and we come quick to help you succeed.  Biggest part of making these big world changes is know every little action adds to that big wave.  A hurricane is not from one puff of air but from all that churning of millions of waves and wind.  It’s time to add your breath to that wave and wind of change.

We all can make changes in our lives that affect the whole world.  You decide what you will say and do in this world.  Stand up and make those small changes today.  Gather your tribe of change makers and speak up about what you feel in your bones.  Write a post, petition your government, create a new organization to help those that need help to change.  See your bones are shaking cause there is others just like you looking for a place to shake too.  We fear change but it comes anyways.  You may as well ride the wave of change all the way in cause the ride is always better going with the flow than sinking to the bottom.  Shake them bones today lovely souls and know us dead are right here at your side to shake with you.

Cheers to you all and see you at the finish line.  ~ Baron Samedi




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