Divine Timing


Happy Fall time everyone!

As fall and winter approach the seasons are changing and we can reflect on this ever changing year of 2017.  ‘Expect the unexpected’ and ‘just let that sh*t go’ are perfect themes for this year.  Embrace the calmer energies of October with open arms because we all deserve a rest after so much busy, crazy energies.  Enjoy the new channeled message from Archangel Uriel as he prepares us to flow with easy and grace in our own perfect timing.

Namaste Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Channeled message from Archangel Uriel – Your Divine Timing

Heavenly greetings upon you this day.  This is Archangel Uriel and today I’d like to assist you with your divine timing.  Each of you carry a spark of divine within you.  This spark is a part of creation that is ready to experience all that life has to offer through you.  Another name for these pieces of creation is your soul and it is why each of you are so unique.  Within your soul is a perfect timing to explore, experience and a final rest as you transform through death to a new chapter of your soul.  When you listen to your heart you are feeling your soul and you can set your daily clock to what your soul desires to do.   In this timing we know when we are ready to try new things.  These include starting a new project, quitting a job, asking someone out on a date and much more.  Only you can know when is the right time to begin.

Unfortunately you don’t always listen to your heart or have made choices outside of your heart that counter your divine timing.  Your trust in the universe and Divine is shaken as your plans fall apart because the people you needed are not ready or  your projects take longer because there are other requirements in the way.  Pushing yourself ahead when you are not ready can cause more harm then good.  Why do we push ourselves?  Your world is full of experts or people in charge telling you to so this or that.  You have put your faith and timing into the hands of another, but their divine clock will never be the same as yours.  When you force yourself to do something, and it feels like a battle to make something happen, you are not in sync with your divine timing.  Advice is beautiful but decisions need to be made from within your heart so you are fully committed to the new experience you desire to partake in.  It is possible to work with others when you align your divine timing with another.  Your world prayers for healing and peace are a great example of aligning your heart and timing to work together.  By making a choice from the heart into something you desire you can create that spark of divine timing.  When that spark is alive life flows with ease and grace.  Magically everything works perfectly even if you cannot see how it will all work at first, your divine timing carries you through.

How can you improve your divine timing?   Practice beloveds.  With so many distractions it can be hard to listen to your own heart, but this is the seat of truth that will lead you to your divine spark.  Listen to that little flame of creation, it will show you when you are ready to go and when to stop.  Each act of faith in yourself and your timing will help you reset your divine clock.  When you can hear your own heart beat and trust the promptings to start something even when you may have stopped before this is when divine magic can occur.  That leap of faith will over rule the fear to try new things or go to new locations.  When you allow that heart voice to be heard you can hear our angelic voices cheering you on to victory.  Bring the trust back to your heart by beginning to listen to yourself once again.

You are ready even if you are afraid of failure.  To make a mistake is experience, but to fail you have to give up completely.  You are alive today because that spark has more to experience through this beautiful world.  Make every moment count as you shine bright upon this world.  All my love to you divine souls as you awaken to a new day and new adventures.  I will always be here to guide you back to your heart and remind you of your divine timing of love.

Blessings Upon You – Archangel Uriel


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