Dreams of Change

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Welcome to the cleansing rains of spring and a new matrix of energy on Mother Earth.  With all the planets dancing in the heavens, new light energy of insight shining in our hearts and strong dreams of discovery is it any wonder why we all feel a little wonkie?  Many of us are beginning to understand just how much these planetary energy shifts affect us every day.  These energies can cause us to feel exhausted, anxious, trapped or even pressured to change everything now.  How can we navigate through these changes and not burn down the bridges that helped get us to this place of being?  Rest and integration is key for each of us through sleep, meditation, walking in nature or listening to music.  I’m finding my body needs a lot of sleep around eclipses and seasonal changes.  Once I let myself snooze for 30 minutes my energy returns and I have new ideas for the current project.  The spiritual teams are calling out for us to de-clutter on all levels; clean our houses, offices, minds and hearts.  Just cleaning one shelf in your bedroom clears old energy from your heart allowing for these new energies to find a new home within you.  And when we allow these new energies to transform us the knowing of what is next for us becomes clear.  Wondering what different parts of your house represent in your body?  Listen to my radio show on Clear Your Heart Clutter.

Blessings to each of you on your continual expansion into the amazing light beings we are!  And don’t forget to wish Mother Earth Happy Birthday April 22nd for Earth Day.  Be sure to give your blessings with a song, a prayer, a gift or even a plant.

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices



Voices from Spirit – Mother Mary speaks about Dreams

My Dear Children, today I’d like to talk about dreams and the importance of good sleep. Dreams are a place we can create anything we desire, it’s where we find our true self and hidden motives. Dreams are a place of healing and understanding our greater self and current path. Dreams come only when we give ourselves time to receive good rest. Each night when we give ourselves to the bed and pillows our bodies begin to repair and rebuild. After we have received our healing we then slip deeper into our dream state where we can explore and grow. This time of healing and dreaming is as important as your waking life. Good rest helps you have more energy and new ideas on how to live life fully.

If you have a hard time remembering your dreams ask your self are you getting enough sleep? Each person needs a different amount of sleep each night. Children need more because their bodies are building new cells and bones each day. As we age we often need less sleep to feel refreshed. Find the right amount of sleep for you even if 11 hours is needed to recharge your battery. Sleep is also affected by our nightly rituals before we lay down to sleep. If you’re restless and more tired in the morning try quieting yourself before sleep with a hot bath, soft music, fun reading, or meditation. What we think about before bed we take with us in dream time. Dreams are a wonderful place for your conscious and sub-conscious minds to have a meeting. Often we as your guides come to teach and show you hidden parts of your daily life viewed from a different view-point. To start remembering more of these dreams and teaching times simply ask to remember. When we crash into bed after a long day our bodies will concentrate on healing and we forget dreams as we hop into the next day. Try starting a journal for your dreams. Concentrate describing key points of a dream and not judging the imagery so you can understand the greater message and not get caught up in one part. Sleep and the dreams that come of our rest reflect our current state of being. The more peaceful you can be with life, the more peaceful and freeing your dreams will become.

Rest is important. Many cultures have a mid-day nap to help refresh their energy and ideas before continuing the day. Do you need to power nap? Naps are a wonderful tool to help us calm down and re-center. Work and projects will wait, and often are better served if approached from a new perspective. Don’t feel ashamed or guilt for sleep. Remember sleep is a gift you give to yourself. Just like eating good foods, enjoying fun company, and exercising your body, sleep is another part of self-care we need for a healthy body.

So my Children, lay back in your bed tonight and ask yourself for good rest and peaceful dreams. Let yourself drift off to distant worlds and new realms. Explore hidden doors and face yourself with new zeal. Each dream is a gift from you and the new possibilities tomorrow can bring.


Mother Mary


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