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Requesting Flora the Goddess of Spring to please report for duty!

Like many of you I’m getting a little tired of cold, snow and winter!  We here in the northwest area know spring is on it’s way when it seems Mother Nature can’t make up her mind for weather for the day.  It can be rainy, sunny, snowing and windy all in the same hour.  It’s hard to stay balanced when even nature seems to be bouncing between serveral different  experiences.  Mother Mary’s article this month helps us not only find balance, but also helps us to understand our connection to the heavens above and the earth below our feet.  So as I connect a little more to the Earth I’m asking for Flora the Goddess of spring to bring the flowers and birds, cause I’m ready for warmth!  Enjoy and feel free to leave comments!  We love hearing how you dance with your spirit guides.

Namaste’Raven Many Voices



Balance – Channeled Message from Mother Mary through Raven Many Voices 3-1-2014

My dear children, today I’d like to talk about our relationship to the heavens above and our mother Earth below. We as human beings have a very special relationship and duty as conductors for Mother Earth. Like grounding rods we channel energy from the heavens above down through our chakras (top of our heads down through our feet) into Earth. This continuous flow heals, feeds, and nourishes not only ourselves but Mother Earth uses this energy to change, create and feed all her children. All of Mother Earth’s children are connected in this cycle of receive and give. Just as it is reflected in our own natures to give and receive love and knowledge. When we become more aware of this flow of love from Divine we can create more consciousness to all those we are connected too. We become balanced to the cosmos above us and natural world surrounding us below.

Walking in balance between these two worlds is easy. Just as your body can keep you up right and walking, so too can you balance these energies of Mother Earth and Heavenly Cosmos. Even your body reflects these two energies running through you with your center (diaphragm) being the meeting point between the two. From your center up is the Heavenly energy. Your heart and mind soars upwards to explore and embrace the vastness of the unknown. Your thoughts can be free to wander as far as you let them. And your heart connects with the Divine source of love giving you the understanding of being one with Divine. Reflected below your center is Mother Earth energy with your digestion of food, life, emotions and the physicalness of being in the body. Earth’s energies gives us the sensations and pleasures of emotions expressed through form. These energies can be heavy at times as we search down into our roots and connections to the planet around us. There is no one way better than the other, for they are connected. Just as your mind and heart need your emotions and body, these energies balance and play with each other.

When these energies of heaven and earth are balanced we flow and Divine energy flows through us effortlessly. We gracefully go from one moment to the next with no fear or doubt. We are in the ‘know’ of life. Alas this is not where we find ourselves. Often we have wandered off with our thoughts, lost in worry and self doubt, or we have dug down deep into our emotions feeling overwhelmed by the world and all its pain. When we become unbalanced with this natural energy flow it can cause a lot of problems. The easiest way to find what is needed is check in with yourself daily. Is your mind spinning with ideas, worries, and what-if’s? Do you want to expand, grow and reach out to the new, but have no direction, path or starting point? These struggles reflect too much heavenly energy without enough Earth energy to ground and manifest your dreams. You need to express those emotions, and do nourishing acts for yourself to create a starting point. Even writing in a journal can create that physical act that will ground and create safety for all those ideas to come to life. Now if we find ourselves bogged down in depression, our bodies toxic and in a state of dis-ease, and lost to what is next for our decisions we have dug in too deep into the Earth energies. When you sit inside a hole it’s hard to see the next step and we have only our sour mood to keep us company. This is why depression can be difficult for some to get out of. Without the energy of the Heavens we convince ourselves to give up. Heavenly energy lifts us up and fills our hearts with hope, joy and ideas. The impossible task now has many avenues of opportunities. When we pull upon the opposite energy we are stuck in it naturally balances our energies, returning us back to our natural state. We want to be in this balanced state, it is with much effort and energy we push ourselves out of balance.

If we naturally balance Heavenly energy with Mother Earth energy then why would we want to be out of balance? Experience. We create imbalanced to learn, grow and challenge ourselves. Like eating too much cake and experiencing the stomach ache afterward you learn what your limits are. Sometimes we want to soar off into the universe to escape our jobs, maybe you’ve pushed too far and the depression was a way to get you to review what is or not working in life right now. The secret my dear is remembering to return to center/balance after each experience; until finally we can be in a state of balance and experience at the same time. For now my loves just be compassionate with yourselves no matter what energy you decide to play with. Sometimes we need to remember how to soar like an eagle and other times we need to be wrapped up in Mother Earth’s arms and have a good cry. There is no right or wrong way of it, it just is.

Being conscious of the process just allows you to have more choices and opportunities for growth. How wonderful to be able to play any way we like! So my loves take time this day to check in with yourself. Are you deep in the soil struggling for clarity or you lost on the winds of change not knowing where to begin? Do you just need to breathe energy from the cosmos above down into Mother Earth to recharge and give love to your Mother? Whatever you choose know we your guides are here to help and support you. You and I can explore the heavens or make mud pies, it is all beautiful!

Namaste’ Divine Mother Mary

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