Voices from Spirit Channeled Message from Mother Mary – Boundaries 

My beloveds, today I’d like to talk about the boundaries you all use in your daily lives. These boundaries protect you from harm, hurtful words and situations that would not serve your highest good. Boundaries can also keep you from experiencing life, harm others with mistrust and sabotage your goals. Learning where your boundaries fall can help you to feel protected and expand your life at the same time.  As the raindrop falls into water and continually expands so do your lives and hearts.

Just like the raindrop you carry layers of boundaries around you. Each layer has propose and some extend quite far from your body. These boundaries are used to keep abusive people from your life, protect your feelings, protect your physical body from danger and give yourself privacy. Knowing how these layers serve you and how they are set with your own intention helps you to navigate each day. Boundaries can include the physical limitations, diet and environmental sensitivities you have so that you do not injure your body.  Knowing your own strength, fitness level and endurance can protect your joints, muscles and overall health.  Energetic boundaries help you to navigate your changing world, find your path with Divine and seek out those that are here to assist you with your journey through life.  You experience the most work with boundaries with your personal relationships.  When you encounter a hostile person at work that pushes your buttons this triggers within yourself to set a new boundary to that type of person or situation.  Now with a new boundary in place you can stay calm and focused.  You also recognize similar people and events so you can make decisions before reacting to these people or events.  Boundaries are set when you experience difficulty or desire a particular outcome in your life. Understanding why you set these boundaries allows you to better fine tune your boundaries.

When you forget what boundaries you have created you can experience a block in your growth. Understand, some boundaries were created the day you where born. Pain and fear experienced in childhood can set boundaries still used today. For example a troubled relationship with a parent in betrayal can set a boundary with all relationships. Each new relationship has mistrust already inferred. When you desire change, and continually encounter yourself hiding in fear, you must see what boundaries you are using and what needs to be changed.  Change starts within yourself first by changing your boundaries, then Divine changes your outward life.

Understanding your boundaries can change how you expand in life. You have the power to create boundaries to protect yourself from harm and release boundaries that do not serve you anymore. Know that even the best boundaries of happiness will still let in life. Sometimes to grow as a soul you need to experience a painful event or hostile person so that your life can change and new experiences create healthy new boundaries.   This experience is not always fun but the lessons learned can bring great insight to later events. Anytime you have trouble with another, or a situation repeats in your life, check what boundaries you are currently using. Release fear and forgive yourself from past experiences so you can release these old boundaries.  As you review your current events you can create new boundaries that are more in tuned with your current consciousness and allow yourself to be safe and expand into new wisdom.

Each of you are a raindrop upon life. Allowing yourself to expand and grow is natural. Once set in motion a ripple carries through the water and so do each of your hearts with Divine.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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