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Celebrate with your Family – Channeled Message from Divine Mother Mary through Raven Many Voices

My dear children, once again your year comes to an ending and you celebrate your year long journeys in Holiday feasts. Bright light trimmed trees, crisp winter air, snow covered hats and fresh baked cookies. Holidays have also become excessive spending on-line, indigestion from too much food and for many depression. Have you lost your understanding of the Holidays? For many, yes. The winter months in times of old were a gathering of the family. When the weather prevented growing food in the fields the people turned instead to indoor crafts, storytelling and most importantly family. With your present conveniences daily life is little bothered by weather or season, but still you hold onto your ritual gatherings of Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas. Let us look past the present ‘traditional’ gathering of these Holidays and instead invest your heart into the true gatherings of friends and family these holidays still symbolize.

Why do you need to gather around your family? Winter has always been a time of remembrance. Nature takes this time for peace and stillness before blooming again in Spring. Humans also need time for stillness and peaceful connection. Family allows you to feel connected to more then just your daily struggles. Family being any people close to you that you connect to on a heart level. You have many layers of families around yourself that create the community you live in. Your blood family that you were birthed into, your job family you work along side and your friends and neighbors you see every day. Each of these groups you interact with in a different way, but you are still part of this group and considered part of the whole. It is this feeling of needing to be part of the whole you find pulling at your hearts in the Holidays. It is the same feeling many feel when searching for their place here on Earth. To belong to something. In understanding your connection to not only your families, but to your global family we can find peace and wholeness.

We are all pieces of the whole. Your different families show you how you fit into this whole of life. Families illuminate your struggles, strengths and abilities. They help in that reflection you do during the darkness of winter. Families are what the Holidays are all about, no matter how you celebrate. In making a connection to someone you consider family this holiday you allow yourself to be part of the whole of life. To be needed. The comfort, warmth, and good cheer of great company reminds you why we all live together as a communal species. Why we need each other. Whomever you consider family, and however you create a place and time to celebrate; find time to love your family.

Embracing family is embracing your own heart with love. I embrace each of you as my family. Hand in hand we travel into this next year and new journey. Let your heart shine and open yourself to feel not only the family you know, but the family that is in each of us.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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