A Happy Halloween to Everyone!


Welcome to my favorite part of the year!  Spooky decorations, pumpkin bread baking in the oven and bright colored leaves cover the side walks.  Fall is a wonderful time to reflect and dance with our shadow self, allowing us to face our fears and become stronger in our hearts.  Halloween has always provided this beautiful holiday for us to explore dressing up as a hero, a villian or another aspect of life we’ve always wanted to try.  With it’s scarey movies, haunted houses and trick-r-treating we were allowed to create ways for us to face our fears and become a little bit braver each year. It also allows us to reflect on those who came before us, our ancestors and spirits of the dead.  We have no holiday here in the states that allows us to give thanks to those that lived before our time.  Halloween really is an unusual holiday for kid and adult alike to explore, honor and to be surprised at life.

It makes me sad that because of fear this holiday is being reduced to bake sales and fall parties in many communities.  Hanging up skeletons and the grim reaper are not a practice or worship of darkness, but instead bringing our inner darkness into the light so we can face it and laugh at it.   Have we let our fears win?  Death and fear are part of us no matter how much we hide from it, it will still be part of us.  Making everything happy, bright and cheerful can not keep the darkness and fear within our hearts hidden forever, instead we need healthy outlets and safe ways to explore our fears without shame and guilt. 

So let go of other people’s fear of this beautiful holiday and find your own way to celebrate your fears.  Find a party to dress up for, create an ancestor alter and bake your grandmothers favortie dish to honor her, or hang up a skeleton on your front porch to laugh at death.  I may be the only house in the neighborhood to decorate for Halloween, but you can count on me to have my spiders, skulls and ghosts out and ready for trick-r-treaters this year!


Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Mother Mary and Releasing our Fears

My Dear Children, today I’d like to speak about fear. In your media, politics, and your daily thoughts I hear the need to abolish all fear, that fear is the silent killer. But how can you destroy something that is part of you? Fear is another part of being human, a tool, that is meant to help you to grow and explore in your world. However when fear is allowed to rule our thoughts and even our government it can cause great pain and confusion. Instead of waging a war on ourselves and our fear; let’s understand how it serves us and embrace our fear. It is only by walking through our fear can we truly live and be one.

By understanding how fear serves you can let go of the fear. Each person has a structure to their lives. What they will and will not do. This structure and it’s boundaries are different for each person allowing some to jump from an airplane and others to never fly. What keeps a person grounded from the plane is fear. In their structure of life flying is not something they are willing to try. These fears keep us safe within our set boundaries. These boundaries however can hurt us when we change the structure of our current lives and the fear does not serve us anymore. It is this resistance to change we feel and the fears we must let go to jump to our next level of awareness and growth.

Identify your fear by questioning your doubts. When we doubt ourselves we can piece together a map showing us all our fears around life. Some fears can be quite easy to see and even still serve us well. Others are subtle and take meditation and review of ourselves to see. Often it is a huge leap in growth that brings the most fear because of the large restructuring of our beliefs. By identifying each fear and understanding why we needed it in our lives we can continue to move forward. Fear is to be honored and dismissed, for it has done exactly what it was asked to do.

By loving the fear we can be open to new joy and abundance in our lives. We must let go of our fear lovingly for why struggle needlessly against yourself? Try taking one fear of yourself today and sitting in meditation as you would a great teacher. Discuss how and why it serves you. And if you are ready to let go of it’s services, release it to the Divine. All great explorers walk through their own fears to go into the unknown, as will each of you on this day. All my love to my beloved explorers.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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