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Busy as a bee? 

As summer is replaced by the cool air of fall it’s time to enjoy our harvest of sweet fruits, veggies and for this back deck visitor – honey.  I’m excited to see the return of the yellow school buses and the red leaves of fall time.  It’s time to go back to school for the kids and a great time to tap into that energy of learning for us adults too.  I always feel like learning something new; like trying a new art project, taking a dance class at the community center or reading a great book.  When we collectively shift our energy we stir the great human consciousness to bring new wisdom and insight to the surface.   We can access this energy by celebrating the Fall Equinox September 21st and stand in the West of the medicine wheel with the teachings of the Cleansing, Releasing and Learning inner truth.  You can practice meditation by allowing yourself to slow down the busy pace of life and listening to your inner guidance.  And of course challenge yourself to take some classes and workshops that explore new wisdom and spiritual learning.  Although our earlier school memories may be clouded or challenging we can, as adults, return to spirit school in a new fun and expressive way then ever before.  So have fun exploring all that life has to offer you right now in this moment.  Know all your Angels are ready and willing to help you achieve your dreams and desires as we open our hearts for love and truth this beautiful season.

Blessings to you and all your Relations!
Raven Many Voices

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Voices From Spirit – A Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

Your Divine Protection

Beloved ones, now is the time to open your hearts and allow the heavens above to flow into your lives and your great mother – the Earth.  I know you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed.  I know your world is full of distractions, painful suffering and unjust victors.  How can you hope to be so open and loving when all you desire is to retreat within and hide from the storms of life?  I know what I ask of you is difficult.  I am here my loves to wrap you in my wings and provide the protection you need to surrender to love.

What is protection?  This word has many meanings in your culture from preventing an unplanned pregnancy to hiding your secret internet passwords and banking information.  Protection has been a driving force of your government and religious organizations convincing you need protection from another culture, country or the safety of your soul.  This big business has been used to control you, instill fear and isolate groups of people for hundreds of years.  If you have mixed feelings about needing protection, look to your own internal definition of protection first before reacting, you may need to re-discover the true meaning of this word.

Protection is to keep safe, guard, defend and prevent harm.  Your current language takes from the warriors of old who protected their heads and chests with bone, leather and metal armor when going into battle.  Armor can protect us but if a warrior fell into water they would sink to their deaths.  Armor needs to be something that gives you safety while allowing you to expand and experience the world you navigate through.  This natural intuitive protection is something we all carry within our understanding of Divine and our connection to life.  This protection is not driven by others fears, control or expectations.  It does not have conditions, restrictions or separation from experiences given to you by Divine.

True Divine protection comes from a source of love and allows each being to create a space of safety, comfort and growth where they can achieve a new expansion of their hearts’ desire.

When you ask us Angels for protection we bring to you the love and comfort you need to realize you are safe and ready to explore your world fully.  Being protected does not mean you need to disconnect from the world, but instead know all of the heavens have your back so you can do anything.  Will life still include painful experiences and falls?  Yes my loves, because no matter how much you try and prevent bad experiences from happening, it is these mistakes you learn the most from.  Mistakes are beautiful teachers that help you grow and expand, not contain and stunt your soul’s beautiful blossoming.  So ask for protection from me and my brother and sister Angels.  It is our divine duty and privilege to lend our strength to you all on your journeys on the Earth.  Your protection is really the ability to love yourself and to love the world around you.  Through love we experience everything and this love can guide you to the best of experiences you desire in life right now.

I am Archangel Michael; I am your servant and protector anytime you need help.

Blessings to you my loves

Archangel Michael

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  1. Bonner says:

    That’s the perfect insight in a thread like this, blessings!

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