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Join me on the Beyond the Ordinary Show hosted by John Burgos Tuesday June 30th at 5pm for a powerful interview about the Primal Self

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This FREE 60 minute show will include a guided meditation to meet your Primal Self.  You will also gain access to amazing meditations, videos, classes and so much more from transformational experts from around the world for signing up today.



Beyond the Ordinary Show Package Offer:



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Special Offer: Primal Self  – Unleash Your Wild Side  $97 Show Special ($200 value!)

  1. 1 30 minute Session with Raven Many Voices
  2. 1 90 minute Zoom Webinar Primal Self Unleash your Wild Side Class

As you have awaken your higher self and expanded your intuition a beast has stirred deep in your soul.  This wild side is pacing inside your home as you shelter the storm of the current pandemic and is roaring to be free.  Your Primal Self is ready to be unleashed and with that a deep flow of creativity, passion and awareness of the elemental earth around you.   This instinctual side is fierce, beautiful and tired of being ignored!  Release your wild side and create a deeper relationship to Mother Earth to heal yourself and the world around you.  Get ready to roar and let’s discover your Primal Self!

  • 1 30 minute Session with Raven Many Voices

Discover your Primal Self with a one-on-one session with Raven Many Voices.  In this session you will create a strong relationship with your Primal Self and uncover any blocks within your 5 primal parts of shelter, food, sex, love and acceptance.  Learn tools to help you release energies of other people so you can feel safe and expand your creativity.  Through your Primal Self heal your wounds and deeply connect with Mother Earth to increase your passion and healing abilities for yourself and the world. 

  • 1 90 minute Zoom Webinar Primal Self Unleash your Wild Side Class on Wednesday July 8th at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST

Connect with your Primal Self with this in-depth class on your wild side.  Learn about the link between the Higher Self (intuition) and the Primal Self (instincts) and how this awakening of consciousness on the planet has stirred this Primal beast within you.  Understand the 5 primal needs of food, shelter, sex, love and acceptance and how this background programing is the driving force controlling your actions.  Create a deeper relationship with your Primal Self in a guided meditation to heal deep wounds and release your creativity to manifest your dreams.  Allow this wild side to help you find nature within to dance with the elementals and walk with beauty on Mother Earth.  This 90 minute webinar class will include a question and answer time and will be recorded for your convenience.

To purchase this package you will need to register for free HERE and buy the special offer through the Beyond the Ordinary website.  Limited time offer, please purchase before August 1st, 2020.


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