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Welcome to 2013!  With humanity entering into a new millennium of illumination we stand on a new path with new adventures before us.  Leaving behind the old structure of suffering, struggle and darkness we have committed to a world of new light, knowing and awareness.  It feels like crossing a finish line we all have been running for a very long time.  What our ancestors and elders dreamed before us now lies in our hands.  What will you create today has become our new theme and limitless possibilities surround us.

What we focus on we create instantly!  This can be scary if we do not know who we are and what we desire in life.  Spirit is challenging us to not only speak our truth but to be truth in all things.  We are standing in our power, taking responsibility for our actions and expressing what needs to be changed.  Illumination comes from truth, by accepting the divine truth and moving to a place of wisdom.  Truth sings in your heart, lifts your soul and changes everything.  Looking at ourselves and being truthful is really what we fear the most when looking within our hearts.  And if we ignore our hearts we do not know what we are secretly creating in this world.  So be brave!  Look at your heart and accept the good, the bad and the ugly you may find there and remember you can always change what you find.

As we all take a look within us, we then find our spark, our joy and our love to share with the world.     I’m so excited to share this path of illumination and joy with you all as we explore the open heart – open path.  I look forward to posting the many voices of Spirit through their channeled messages of love, insight and humor.  I love being of service to the community as our world expands hand-in-hand with all of our relations.


Raven Many Voices

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