Heal your Inner Child

Crystal Skull Night Ceremonies

Summer Solstice blessings to everyone!  With the full moon and Crystal Skull activation happening all over the planet this Summer Solstice has been powerful!  Above is the night ceremonies with 8 powerful crystal skulls on the medicine wheel for summer solstice.

It is a time of re-balancing and letting go of harshness.  So this month’s message is from the Fairies reminding us that play is important and to not be so grumpy :) Blessings to you and all of your relations

Namaste Raven Many Voices

Sophie Anderson Take The Fair Face Of Woman

Let Play Lead the Way – Message from LightWind Fairy-Kin

Can you come out and play?

We watch you humans with your grumpy faces, sad eyes and broken hearts and wonder why you do not laugh as much as we do?  We think you may have forgotten to play.  Children laugh, play and dream and this is why they see us so easily.  But soon you adults are teaching them to not play and do their work, work, work!  You tell the children their fantasies are silly and daydreaming is a waste of time.  So sad!  And when these children grow up they wonder where all the magic has gone in their lives?  They long to see and hear us again but have to un-do all ‘there’s no such thing’ thoughts from their parents and teachers.  Even if you think you are all grown up you are still a child in the heart, we are all children in Mother Earth’s eyes.  That child within still wants to believe in fairytales, magical kingdoms and wishes come true.  It’s time to play again, to heal that inner child and remember you have a bigger family on this beautiful planet then what you see with your filtered eyes.

Play, play, play should lead the way into everything you do!

You don’t have to be sad because you have forgotten to play.  Sometimes we have to experience something else so we know what we like the best.  Play is more than just a moment with your dog tossing the ball, play comes from letting go of the normal and expressing joy, laughter and creativity.  Now that does not mean we are not serious as Fairy-kin.  We are very serious about our play!  We play as we work protecting and creating the world you see around you.  We play as we bring healing energy to every animal.  We play as we work transforming the old decaying garbage into new life.  If you need help to find where play is not invited into your day just look for the words could, should and would.  Look at these examples; I should do my taxes, I could do more laundry or would you stop that.  When you add play to these words then they become; let’s play with numbers on my taxes, I’ll play with laundry later and eat some chocolate with the fairies now or let’s play a different game.  Play allows your child within to think outside the box and come up with great ideas.  This energy of play then allows your heart to be full of joy, your stress to disappear and your sad heart to heal.

I can see clearly now that the rain is gone….

Now that you are thinking about play your eyes will open to see more.  Look for us in all you do, everywhere you go and especially outside in nature.  Come say ‘hi’ to us!  We all miss you humans so much!  It’s time we all got to know each other again so let us meet together by that special rock, tree or under the rainbow in your dreams.  Let us share with you all the mysteries, wonder and excitement still not found on our planet.  So sing your silly songs, draw with chalk on the road, and PLAY!

I love you my human friends!

Love Kisses and Good Dreams

LightWind Fairy-Kin

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2 Responses to Heal your Inner Child

  1. Suzie Coar says:

    Thank you for that reminder to play. I need to be
    reminded to leave behind the sadness and see
    with newness all God’s creation.

  2. Annette says:

    Joy Joy Joy to play play play….thanks Fairy Kin……thats why I am drawn to wear my fairy earrings all the time …..love them and U!!!!!!!

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