Happy Holidays – Gather your Family


Hello My Spiritual Family,

I wish you good health, prosperity and joy this holiday season as we slow down and count our blessings of 2015.  After the shift of November 11-11 we are all asked to ‘attend to ourselves’ and take care of our mind-body-soul to integrate energy and wait to start new projects next year.  Mother Mary and Archangel Michael have mentioned we are connecting more deeply into Mother Earth now and need time to adjust to this new energy.  For many this year has included large changes including; marriages, moving, divorce and health issues.  Even I was effected by health issues and had to slow down to do some self care, much to my whining and pleading with spirit.    Although my plans had to wait this time resting has help me dream new ideas, change direction with projects and research new ways of living easier.  So my spiritual family take a break this holiday season to rest and reflect on what you’d like to grow next year.  Our spirit guides promise big changes and community support in the new year of connection :)

Blessings to you and all your relations!

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Mother Mary ~ Gather your Family

My dear children, once again our year comes to an end and we celebrate our journey with Holiday feasts. Bright lights in trees, crisp winter air, snow covered mountains, and fresh baked cookies. Holidays have also become excessive spending at crowded malls, indigestion from too much food, and for many depression. Have we lost our understanding of the Holidays? For many, yes. The winter months in times of old were a gathering of the family. When the weather prevented growing and tending of the fields, and our hearts turned instead to indoor crafts, storytelling, and most importantly the family. With our present conveniences daily life is little bothered by weather or season, but still we hold onto our ritual gatherings of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule and Winter Solstice. Let us look past the present gathering of these Holidays and instead invest our hearts into the true gatherings of friends and family these holidays still symbolize.

Why do we need to gather around our family? Winter has always been a time of remembrance. Nature takes this time for peace and stillness before blooming again in Spring. Humans also need time for stillness and peaceful connection. Family allows us to feel connected to more then just our daily struggles. Family being any people close to you that you connect to on a heart level. We often have many layers of families around us. Our blood family that we were birthed into, our job family we work along side, and our friends and neighbors we meet for fun. Each of these groups we interact with differently, even if we limit our time we are still part of these groups and considered part of the whole. It is this feeling of needing to be part of the whole we find pulling in our hearts at the Holidays. It is the same feeling many feel when searching for their place here on Earth. To belong to something. In understanding our connection to not only our families, but to our global family, we can find peace and wholeness.

We are all pieces of the whole. Our different families show us how we fit into this whole of life. Families illuminate our own struggles, strengths, and abilities. They help reflect who we want to become or what we strive to change in to. Families are what the Holidays are all about, no matter how you celebrate. In making a connection to someone you consider family this holiday, you allow yourself to be part of the whole of life. To be needed. The comfort, warmth, and good cheer of great company reminds us of why we all live together as a communal species. Why we need each other. Whomever you consider family, and however you create a place and time to celebrate; find time to love your family.

Embracing family is embracing your own heart with love. I embrace each of you as my family. Hand in hand we travel into this next year and new journey of 2016 – the year of connection. Let your heart shine and open yourself to feel not only the family you know, but the family that is in each of us.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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2 Responses to Happy Holidays – Gather your Family

  1. Jeslyn says:

    That takes us up to the next level. Great posting.

  2. Latasha says:

    Your posting is abolsutely on the point!

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