A Prayer of Gentleness

Santa_Claus_portrayed_by_Jonathan_Meath_4 Happy Holidays!

This has been a challenging year to many of us; testing us to look deeply within ourselves and ask if we are happy with our lives.  Archangel Michael said this would be a year of acceptance and insight.  Boy was that an under statement!

No matter what we found within ourselves I hope you found an equal measure of forgiveness and laughter.  These may seem like two very opposite emotions but when we can truly forgive our folly in life our heart can open to accept the wisdom and laugh at all that we experienced.  This laughter is often full of tears and joy to be done.  Sometimes we can hold onto the pain and memory of an event in our lives so tightly we prevent ourselves from being complete.  To forgive and laugh at ourselves brings us to the end of the lesson so we can start something new and gentle.

In this Holiday season I pray for sweetness, comfort and gentleness to each of you.  May the joy and support each of you have given me be shared onto to you and all your family.  May the light shine bright around you illuminating the Divine within you.

Blessings to you and all your relations!


Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Channeled Message from Mother Mary

A Prayer of Gentleness


My dear children, as your Holidays begin with light and cheer and you turn your hearts to a new year, what do you see? As a society, you all place so much energy and hope into this time of new beginnings. Desires are set and regrets forgiven as you focus on what the new year can bring to yourself and others. Your prayers and wishes are heard as you all hope for more money, loss of weight, and happiness. These prayers and desires are being answered at a speed never seen on your planet before. In such a time of manifested hopes it is important to remember the most important thing you can do for yourself. Ask for Gentleness.

Gentleness is often found in a loving mother’s touch, helping of a sick friend, or the softness of nature around you. Yet do we see this same gentleness within our own lives? Can we have our blessings and desires answered in a gentle way? The answer is yes my loves. In your busy lives and in the busy world, there is a sense of rush from one thing to another. From fast food, to fast love everything has been sped up to meet each person’s needs. We need our heart’s desire now. But as life has it’s own timing and speed we begin to allow life to flow around us. When we ask for gentleness in our lives all desires are delivered when needed.

How do you express gentleness in your life? Do you know how to be gentle? I’d like each of you to find how you are gentle to self. And how you can be more gentle in both your thoughts and actions. First recognize how you feel about being gentle. For many the act of being gentle is a sign of weakness. Is there weakness in Love? No. Actions of Love are often gentle in that we allow life to flow without force. When you can see how you can allow more loving and gentle actions into your life there will not be a need of struggle. Try practicing gentleness in your prayers, daily routines, and loving of those around you.

Let your struggle of last year go with the new hope of a gentle life. Desires will flow and abundance will continue in a renewed energy of life. Life does not need to be lived at hyper speed to be enjoyed. I hope each of you can find the gentleness within your hearts. Let this new year be both exciting and joyous.

Namaste’ Mother Mary



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