The World Awakening 2016 Telesummit with Shivany Gonell


The World Awakening 2016 Video Summit with Shivany Gonell 

Check back later this year for more video Telesummits

Here’s what others are saying about the special offer:

During our personal one-on-one session her gentleness, non- judgment and true desire to be of help guided me to many “ah- ha!” moments. I have become more “comfortable in my skin”, confident of my abilities and assured in my efforts. In my experience, if you are seeking guidance and want to understand the nuances your life, spend time with Raven.  ~ Wendy

Raven teaches in a lively, spirited discussion that teaches you so much!
You want to sit down with her and spend the day to see what other gems she has hidden.Looking forward to more in the future.  ~ Carol

What a fantastic show. Raven is so informative and easy to follow that I can’t wait for the next one.  The meditation was Awesome and I definitely will use this tool again. Thank you Raven.  ~ Penny


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