Today I’m thankful for life!


With our honored spirits joining us at our feasts and celebrations it always leads my heart to gratitude.  Mother Mary’s message this month is perfectly timed as we have our Solar Eclipse on November 3rd and reflect on all that has transformed in the last few months.  Both our inner worlds and outer lives has been challenging as we align ourselves to the higher purpose and calling within life.  As I begin to accept this life, this body and this strong mind I can feel peace and patience filling my heart.  To maintain this gentle peace I practice an attitude of gratitude.  I let my prayers, my words and my actions be filled with love for everything around me and for my own loving heart too.  We need to be grateful for all the transforming we’ve been doing.  The Spirit Guides often say it is through acceptance and gratitude that we’ll receive all that we desire to change.

I often get asked how someone can navigate the holidays with family gatherings, parties and such.  My answer is gratitude.  We may not always get along with everyone in our work or family, but we can be grateful for their presence and heart within our lives.  When we turn our negative thoughts of another’s less-then-positive behaviors into gratitude it can change the whole experience for everyone involved.  Gratitude diffuses defensiveness, suspicion, and anger transforming the energy into love, acceptance and openness.  Gratitude also magnifies those positive experiences we wish to have in our daily lives.  So be thankful for good food and you’ll attract more good food to you.

So on this month of gratitude and thankfulness I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you!  Thank you for your support, love and sharing your experiences with me.  Blessings to you this holiday season and may you be surrounded by good food, good friends and good spirits!

Namaste’Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit: Mother Mary – Gratitude


My Dear Children, as your year comes to an end and we begin to prepare for our ritual holiday gatherings it is a perfect time to practice holding true gratitude in our hearts. When we are pulled in many directions with family, friends, holiday presents, meals, and bills we forget the true meaning of ‘thanksgiving’ and ‘holiday cheer’. When we lose focus of our peacefulness it is easy to slip into worry, anger, and emptiness. Gratitude allows us to be thankful for what we have in the moment. Gratitude helps us to be present in mind and body so that we can experience all there is to know and love right now. And gratitude is the doorway of our soul to allow more of everything we desire to flow into our lives. The gift of gratitude is the best gift you can give yourself and others this holiday season.

What is gratitude? Life can be boring at times when we do the same things everyday, every month. When we are faced with a large struggle it is easy to be thankful for life this day, but when we feel stuck in life it may not be as easy to find what we’re thankful for today. Even our cycle of worry can follow the same runt in the road as we become anxious about seeing family or having the best present for a loved one. To help us stay centered in our love we have gratitude. Gratitude is a ‘thank you’ we give ourselves and Spirit. When we stop to thank life it acknowledges all of the journey we have just completed to be who and what we are in this moment. It surrenders our need to push goals too far and instead allows us to be at peace with what we have now. And most importantly it opens us up to allow for more of life and abundance to fill our hearts. Love, forgiveness, and gratitude are the three most powerful things a person can practice daily to bring peace within self.

What are you thankful for? When we stop to be gracious we often summarize it in a toast “to love, happiness, and good health for the next year”. Are your prayers vague? Of course not since we know exactly what we desire to bring our happiness. Be just as purposeful in thanks giving as you are in your prayers. When we are at our lowest that is when all things are to be thanked. Think of how cooking involves 4 minutes in a microwave instead of 4 hours chasing down the chickens and plucking them. How wonderful a car is to get you anywhere dry and fast. And even the humble toilet brush so you don’t have to touch the filthy bowl. There are many things we use everyday that make life easier.

Practice gratitude everyday in every way. When we hold the energy of love and graciousness in our hearts life is a celebration. Gratitude opens our eyes to see just how special our world, our community, our lives are. As you finish this message take a deep breath and thank the strong health body you are living in. Thank the next person you see for their smile. Thank your loved ones for loving you and being with you. And thank all those Beings both seen and unseen for all their assistance they give you everyday. Now breath in knowing you are special and perfect in this moment. All my blessings to you my children.

Namaste’ Mother Mary




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  1. Cady says:

    This is my first visit to your blog. I like what you said. We are all unique in what we offer and we can each glorify God when we use the gifts he has given.

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