Green Sea Turtle

Ahhh Nothing like a vacation to help you relax!

In Hawaii (on the Big Island for those of you who are curious) I experienced the joy of the water, warmth from the sun and the deep heart healing from Goddess Pele and Mother Earth.  The large Green Sea Turtles swam around my son and I 4 times giving us a blessing and touching our legs with their fins.  Turtles are such gentle souls, it reminded me to just slow down and enjoy the moment.  Life can be quick, challenging and with the current energy of self reflection it can tire you out.  I find myself seeking moments to be quiet and surround myself in nature.  Being on vacation definitely makes finding that quiet and balance easier, but we all have to come back and then miss the magic of that quiet, beautiful place.  Instead of staying at the vacation spot and creating a feeling of disconnection try bringing your vacation home with you and into your daily life.  Do you need more quiet time?  More connection to nature?  Time to have drinks with old friends?  Or need to treat yourself to more fun?  And of course maybe you just need to relax and do nothing  instead of that huge list of to-do’s.  Read what Mother Mary has to share about relaxing so you can enjoy this summer time fully and integrate this beautiful 2014 energy!

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices



Voice from Spirit – Mother Mary ~ The Power of Doing Nothing

My dear beloved children, today I’d like to talk about the power of being still and giving yourself rest. In a world filled with such a fast pace the ability to relax is needed more then ever. The mental and physical dis-ease occurring in your world is from the lack of respect to the body and mind. Let us begin with allowing one’s self to relax and find the healing within.

Relaxation starts by doing nothing. Often when we slow down to sit and breathe we are still processing mentally. We collapse after a long day into our sofas and think about the 10 things yet to do before the end of the day. The work week moves into the weekend when we try to do as much as we can for fun or obligation. Somewhere in that chaos we try to relax. Vacations are few and far as we try to ‘save-up’ for the big vacation or exciting adventure. Our time off from work becomes -work. Relaxation comes when we give ourselves permission to do nothing and not feel guilt from our decision.

We feel guilty for doing nothing because of our need of self accomplishment. We have put more value on the quantity of work we do; be it through our jobs or personal activities around the home. We push ourselves forward to experience life all at once. The pushing can only last so long before one falls. Often we do fall into illness and anxiety. We must unplug from our self critic and call for a time out. It is relaxation that brings new ideas, strength, and health to our bodies. Only by allowing guilt to leave and rest to begin will you find peace.

Doing nothing means to quiet the mind and the body. When we truly relax there is a peace that comes in our hearts. In that heart centered stillness our minds will follow. Worries leave, projects stand still, and our bodies sigh with relief. In just a few hours our bodies can mend, heal, and repair. Our emotions are calm and centered. Our minds can then be set with clarity to the task at hand.

Find your own way of doing nothing. Each of us have a way of relaxing. Be it in nature watching the sunset, sitting with neighbors and sipping tea, taking a nap on a hot summer day, or reading a book in your favorite chair. Take time today to do nothing, because tomorrow will wait for you.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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    Beautiful love the pictures

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