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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Fire Monkey

February 8th marks the Chinese New Year of the fire monkey.  This classic image of ‘see no evil, say no evil and hear no evil’ is a great example of what to expect from this year.  Fire Monkey year promises sudden and unexpected changes but also tons of fun and play.  This will definitely be a year to NOT leap into things without first looking carefully at all your options.  We will see a lot of people over reacting and leaping to conclusions without all the facts.  Be sure to give yourself 24 hours before making decisions, promises or responding to emails/phone calls.  On the fun side this year will be great for travel and moving if you’re ready to change locations.  Monkey energy can be lucky and bring fortune if you pay attention so if you’re Angels and guides say to get a lottery ticket don’t pass up your chance at wealth.  With the fire energy stirring up our passions check out Mother Mary’s message on the torches we carry to inspire others.  Blessings to you and all your relations!

Namaste Raven Many Voices


A Voice from Spirit – Message from Mother Mary ~ Lite My Fire, The Torches We Carry

My dear children, today it is my pleasure to share with you the torches in life we carry for all to see. We all become champions to causes in our life, for it is the passion of change we carry that changes the planet. The true power comes in recognizing what torches you carry now and how you can hold it high to change the world around you.

What is a torch of passion? A torch, or passion, is something that you put value and time into. We are made of our passions and these passions are what we lovingly share with others. We can be passionate about our children and how they are taught in school. We can be passionate about how our government works for the people and how they could service their region better. From free speak to artistic expression we all have passions that we love and believe that all can share. Because we all have a different soul and different passions we all can hold a torch about some aspect of life. Free speech is a wonderful example of a passion among humans to share thoughts without fear of being prosecuted. Some feel so passionate about their right to express their thoughts they will fight for what they believe is right. It is this torch that ignites others to join in and soon the whole of society changes. From passion to action this flow should come from the heart.

What are you passionate about? What torches do you carry? When we find our voice within our passions will create a new world around us. Look closely at the things you get involved in your daily life. Torches can be the misery of your life or the joys. It is you that chooses how to direct your passions. Let’s take the example of children and how they are taught in school. Because of the passion you have for their education you have involved yourself in after school activities and helping with homework. But still the way of teaching provided needs to be more understanding for the children’s needs. Your torch is lit and you volunteer at school in learning programs and become so passionate you learn how to teach yourself. From your passion and example the way of education is changed. When we carry this torch we are each given the opportunity to create change through our actions.

We each carry a different torch and recognizing that each of us are different can help love another through the passion. Often what you are passionate about will not be an interest to others around you.  Always check to be sure your passion is heart-centered.  Ego can blind you from the truth and create experiences for you to learn from but will not be in alignment with others and the global change.  As you hold your torch high, but not in the light of ego-centered righteousness, others will come to your aid.  Coming from passion and heart center, you can change the world around you. Your heart center has no need to be ‘right’ but only to share your love.

I hope each of you can find the torches you carry and ignite the world around you. Look to your Lady of Liberty who shows each of you your passion of Freedom and Liberty.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


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