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Happy Fall Equinox everyone!  As we move into the autumn season, and the direction of the West on the medicine wheel, we are experiencing a reflective healing of ourselves and all our ancestors.  Just like last year that doorway to the dead has opened again for healing and a weaving of their wisdom into our lives.  So don’t be afraid of that bump in the night or memories of loved one’s who have passed over, they are here to create a connection of love.  Mother Mary’s message comes to us this month to help us continue to see Divine’s point-of-view.  We have all struggled to understand life at times and as we heal our ancestors we find ourselves explaining Divine’s plan without good or bad, but as simply just as is.  Let Mother’s words help you to make peace with the constant push and pull of good and bad/ right and wrong of our world today and find a new balance of living.

Love to you and all your relations!

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices



Voices from Spirit – Channeled Message from Mother Mary – The Flowers or the Thorns?

My Beloved Children, today I’d like to share with you one of my favorite parables about how we live life. For life is what we live everyday. Some days life can be one pain after another as we seem to fall and stumble through our lessons and decisions. But other days life seems like sweet delights, filled with excitement, surprises, and love. When we understand the connection of life and the balance between lessons and joy we begin to realize all days are really both pain and pleasure. Our point-of-view can change depression to joy, financial loss to abundant spiritual gain, and overwhelming loss to grateful understanding. Each day you chose how you will live that day. As much as we desire a blissful life our daily lives will still bring us lessons. We can then turn fear to joy with understanding that our tests are really joys. Here is my story for you because you are all my children, my roses, in my garden of life.

The Flowers or the Thorns?

A small child wandered around a garden one afternoon enjoying the smells of sweet flowers, warm sunshine from above, and the soft dirt between her toes. As she walked into the rose garden she noticed a most interesting sight. There before her were rose bushes of every size, color, and shape. Some rose bushes were huge with many blossoms and flowers. Some roses were thorny and covered in thick spines. Still others were small and had just begun to put forward their first bud of the season. Each rose-bush had one person attending the flowers or thorns. For those who chose the thorns their hands were covered with painful scratches and cuts. They wept from their pain and suffering. While those who chose the flowers they were delighted from the smell and colors of the blossoms. She wondered why those who chose the thorns could not see all the beautiful flowers and buds above their heads. And as she looked again at the people who had chosen the flowers she noticed their rose bushes had no body, shape, and many broken branches.

As she stood in the warm light of the garden she was joined by another gardener. A tall woman of many years dressed simply in a blue  robe and bare feet.

The woman turned to the little girl and said “I see you have found my garden of life”.

The little girl looked again at the busy people and asked “why do those who choose the thorns not see the flowers above their heads?”

The woman smiled and replied “that is because they choose only to see the suffering in the world.  Life is but misery in their eyes, if only they could see the bounty of sweetness their hard work has created.”

Then the little girl asked “but why are the rose bushes of those who chose the flowers so scrawny and broken?”

The woman grinned and said “those that chose only the pleasure of life never learn how to trim away what is not needed and understand the lessons of the thorns to produce more abundant blooms.”

The little girl stood quietly pondering the words of the gardener and then turned to ask “which part of the rose is the right way to live life?”

The woman smiled and asked “what do you see when you look at the rose-bush?”

“I just see a rose-bush” spoke the girl.

With a bell-like laughter that filled the garden the woman rejoiced “Life is both the thorns and flowers; we need both to be complete.”

The little girl looked at her feet were a little rose-bush with just a few leaves and one small bud began to open to reveal the brightest red flower she had ever seen.

The woman bent down and kissed the little girl’s cheek and said “for you my beloved, for you are one of my rose bushes that blooms wisdom and insight.”  And with the light of Divine Love the little girl awoke in her new mother’s arms as a baby upon the Earth to begin life again.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

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