A New Year and The Insight Within


Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!  It’s that time of year to set new goals, review what you desire to create in this new year and leave behind what you’re ready to release of the past.  I love the abundance of change energy available to us if we just ask for assistance from our guides.  From small changes to large transformations our guides are ready and waiting to start your project.  Lots of wonderful ways to change your life, but first you need to decide what to change.  We also need to know what we truly desire within our heart.  Sometimes we think we need to change, but this may not be what we desire in the heart.  Knowing your inner feelings and desires can help you navigate this new year with ease and grace.  Take a look at Mother Mary’s loving words about inner insight and begin your gentle change of insight.


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Blessings to you and all your relations!

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Mother Mary The Insight Within

My beloved children, it is now that I join in many of your paths to help bring the much needed light into this world. Your world, your experiences have never flowed so quickly into reality as of now. It is so important that the choices you make and the thoughts you manifest reflect your hearts desire. Many of you have felt the disharmony in your surrounding life and crave another way. When the out worldly perceptions have failed to bring you satisfaction this is where we can begin within.

What is your hearts desire? What is this purpose to life you hold on to? What daily struggles seem to be overwhelming? These questions ride your mind like a tidal wave, and until you can quiet yourself to hear the answers they keep you in a sense of drowning. In your busy world this quiet space is so needed, a place of retreat within your mind, your home, your community. To find your answers you must first allow yourself the freedom to explore these answers.  I ask you to make room in your busy schedule once a week to create a quiet time for just you. A time when you can explore your questions, your inner emotions, and those heart desires.  Without a break from the world’s demands we can loose ourselves and create a disconnection from our soul/spirit.  That small quiet voice within often cannot be heard over the roar of the TV, radio, our children and even our to-do lists.  How can we find insight if we are not using our own inner sight?

Our journey within is found through quiet walks in nature, meditation and self reflection.  Like the quiet winter lands filled with snow all of nature slows down to watch and listen.  There are many ways to reach this quiet place within.  Some may find a community meditation group to join, others need a moving meditation while exercising, or to connect they travel in the solitude of nature. Please try several ways that feel right for you, what works for one person may not feel right for you.  As you relax and quiet your thoughts direct your attention to your heart.  In this space I’d like you to ask yourself:
What would you like to manifest in your life right now?
What are you craving?
What do you need to bring forth in your life?

After you have done your meditation please write what has come to you, and do not judge this list. Thank yourself for starting this process and write as many things you’d like in your journal. After completing your list ask yourself:
How do you prevent these things from manifesting in your life?
How do you support them?
Why are you afraid of these things manifesting now?
What steps can you start today to brings theses things forth?

As you return each week to this quiet place you’ll find it easier to connect with your heart and hear not only your own desires, but also the loving support of your guides.  Practicing quiet reflection is the doorway to connecting to all of creation.  By quieting the mind, and making time in your busy schedule, you allow yourself to hear the answers you seek and a space we (your Angels and guides)  can come assist you.  Just like spring we are going to bring forth the new buds of your hearts desire to blossom in the warm sun.  So let us tend to your flower beds to see what you are growing and remove the thorns of hurt, shame and loss. Be gentle to yourselves as you explore these desires within, often you discover a whole new world you did not know about.  Enjoy the quiet winter days and reflect on what you are planting within your heart.  Before you know it those spring flowers of love and manifestation will blossom bright and life will be filled with what you only dreamed of in winter.

Until next time my beloveds.

Mother Mary

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  1. artemysos says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful channel, dear Raven! It so resonates with my heart <3

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